Shoot Me a Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Like it’s a real holiday or something. Unbeknownst to me, it’s a thing for school children to decorate their own Valentine boxes for the class competition. By school children I mean “parents” and by decorate I mean “design, cement, frame out, weld, plumb, paint, and polyurethane” and by box I mean “any … More Shoot Me a Valentine

Fresh List, Vol. V

Did you hear the “alternative facts” situation pertaining to the Inauguration audience?  I overheard this term floating around last week on the morning news. I like to tune it to the Today show or some equivalent for background noise to my short-order cooking, hair-fixing, coffee-making, diaper-changing, fight-breaking, lunch-packing, folder-signing morning duties.  That’s about all the news … More Fresh List, Vol. V

Welcome, 2017!

Listen. I do NOT have time to blog. Currently there are four children five and under in my home, one of whom has the stomach bug and two of which are in the post-recovery whine time of the virus and have morphed into koala bears. Dare I say the recovery period of the bug is … More Welcome, 2017!

Life, unexpected.

  This is not a drill. Let me go ahead and answer your questions. SURPRISE! for all involved. We do not know how this happens. We do not own a television. We are not finding out the gender in advance. Trevor says if it’s a girl he’ll scream. (It’s a girl for sure!) Claire has … More Life, unexpected.

The Big 0-5

Today, February 19, Trevor is five years old!  If you’ve read this blog at all, you know all about him.  He’s witty, mischievous, strong-willed, has excellent fine motor skills and vocabulary, and loves to play with his ten-year old friends.  He’s a smartypants, which is baffling since his parents would never smart off or argue … More The Big 0-5