The Reverse Nap

The nap time rebellion in our house is completely out of control and unwinnable, starting with Trevor telling me at the beginning of the day, “I’m not taking a nap today.  And I’m never going night-night again.”  Thus, he has instituted a new nap protocol in our home: the reverse nap.  It goes like this: T tells me to get in bed with my Kindle and the bedroom door closed while he, Charlie Brown, and Snoopy play blocks and color and who knows what else in other areas of the house.  This is the perfect resolution to the nap time wars.  Rather than fight and spank and threaten for an hour leading up to an hour of T banging around in his room pretending to sleep, I can have quiet alone reading time in my room, alone, quietly, while reading! Added bonus: I don’t have to clean up the disaster that is a three-year-old’s room after he pretended to sleep for an hour.

The reverse nap is actually way more logical than Trevor sleeping:  I’m the tired, exhausted, brain-fried mom, and he’s literally hopping with energy.  Of course I should take the rest!  Of course he should run amok in the house while Sister and I spend some time in our beds.  I can’t believe he just now thought of this!

Does reverse napping make me a “bad mom?”  Isn’t that a rhetorical question?



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