Kindness by Pudding

Every week I have to take my kids grocery shopping and every week I hate it.  I hated grocery shopping before I had two kids grabbing things off the shelves, before we moved 35 miles from a grocery store, before I had to buy fruit snacks in bulk.  All of these factors combined make the experience a complete joy.

Trevor in grocery cart.
This is how we roll.

Today, Trevor and I went in after church to grab a few things and he was in fine form, asking for literally every single item we passed including pecans, which he hates.  And this kid does not have an indoor voice, so on every aisle strangers listened to our negotiations and learned all the inner workings of our shopping trials.

Anyway, on the baking aisle, United conveniently stocks the Jell-o pudding at eye level for kids so they can grab as many packs as possible and shove them in the cart.  Five minutes of arguing ensue and I finally convinced him that pudding is nasty and full of preservatives so we can’t buy it.  An older man in a Carhartt jacket, wild rag and cowboy hat watched the entire process and commented as we walked off, “That excuse isn’t going to last forever!”  On to the next one.

Infinity later, as we were waiting in line to checkout, the same man from the baking aisle approached and handed a grocery bag to Trev.  Yep, a pack of chocolate and vanilla pudding for the little toot.  What a guy!  A random act of kindness for a little blonde kid in the grocery store made my day.  Our turn to pay it forward.


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