This morning I checked our old bank account balance to see if we could go ahead and close out that account when I found out that we are $1100 overdrawn.  WHAT! Upon further investigation I discovered that Blue Cross Blue Shield, my absolute least favorite organization in the galaxy, has been debiting our account for a couple of months now even though I specifically told them not to do that.  So now we have seventy five million dollars in bank fees, we haven’t paid our health insurance premiums in a couple months, and I’m gonna punch someone in the throat.

The victim turned out to be Trevor, who wanted oatmeal and yogurt-raisins for breakfast.  Except not at the same time but together.  And the raisin box can’t be opened until the oatmeal is eaten or not eaten.  And it needs to be opened on the bottom or top of the box.  And the oatmeal has to be cold and warm.  And it must be served in the blue bowl and the orange bowl.  And if he doesn’t cut the whining I will lose all my marbles and yell and throw the oatmeal, bowl, and spoon in the garbage.

Trevor face
What’d I do, Mom?


Currently I’m digging the dishes out of the trash because I’m not one to waste cheap plastic.  Also apologizing to the poor boy, which is what keeps me straddling the line of goodmom/badmom for another few hours.  I realize that I shouldn’t let adult issues affect his kid-life.  I also realize, as I scrape the congealed oatmeal blob, that I have acted exactly like a toddler while simultaneously [loudly] telling Trevor not to.

It’s all BCBS’s fault!  How about a grassroots, anti-health-insurance-scams revolution, people?!  And please contact me for information on donating to the Bellah Overdraft Protection Fund (BOPF).  Happy Saturday.


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