Finally! March is Over

Another month is ending so I’m syncing my iPhone photos to the computer in case my phone gets run over by a truck or dropped in the toilet tomorrow.  I always upload my pics at the end of each month, as well as scrub the baseboards, rotate the tires, and prepare 49 freezer meals in neatly labeled Ziplocs, by which I mean, this never happens but sounds like a great idea.  In my opinion, March is the absolute worst month of the year, so this post is a fond farewell with very high expectations of April.

Scrolling through the past several weeks’ iPhotos gives me the feeling that my kids will be packing up for college tomorrow.  They are for sure the fastest growing-uppest kids in history.  Claire learned to crawl and kind of walk, Trevor learned to present flow-charts for argumentative evidence, and Matt and I learned that we will not stay in another hotel with these two loons without a Benadryl IV and earplugs.

We’ve been everywhere, man.  T & C had a birthday extravaganza at my sister’s house from which the main party favor was the stomach bug, we stayed in our home away from home in Amarillo, the Holiday Inn, when I had LASIK eye surgery, we went to Houston for Matt’s team to compete in a ranch rodeo, and we spent a day in Abilene to meet my newest nephew, Hudson, when he was born March 15.  That’s a total of 78 Dumdums handed to the backseat, 20 Veggie Tales videos, and about a thousand hours of me driving while Matt snoozed in the passenger seat.  Coming home from Abilene late one night, we I drove through a hail storm, rain storm, wild pig storm, and dust storm.

But at the end of it, the kids had an awesome birthday party with family, I have perfect vision for the first time since 2nd grade, we rode some thrilling kid rides in Kemah, and my nephew will soon be kidnapped and living with me.

Our month in iphone photos:

Claire is 1! And my hair is brown, yikes.


Lee family marching band performing at the party. Thanks to everyone who gave Trevor musical instruments for his birthday, not.


They make you wear these in public after LASIK. I’ve looked worse.


We had one nice day in March!
We had one nice day in March!


Family photo featuring Joe the Horse


plane ride
Trev picked me to ride the plane with him at the Kemah Boardwalk. And I liked it.


My most favorite youngest nephew, Hudson. Look at those smooshy lips.


And the Saddest Selfie Ever Taken Award goes to my hubs. Good riddance, March.

Seriously, people. This is what living in the Dust Bowl is like. Bad bad bad news.





5 thoughts on “Finally! March is Over

  1. I love that Claire is finally old enough to drink a cup of coffee, while going for a stroll on the only nice day in March.

  2. Keep the post coming! You crack me up! I figured you would be like Ree by now and have your own show! I miss you at school it is not the same without. If you ever need a place to stay I have two very empty room. Heck I would even watch the tots while you shopped!

    1. Thanks, Amie!!! Miss you mucho. And let’s line up that babysitting thing REAL quick. I don’t have any personal days with this stay at home gig. Hope you guys are all doing well.

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