Sunday Funday

Yesterday, some old friends from Colorado ended up in Sedan, and we were lucky to get to visit for a little bit.  Note: no one ever drops by Sedan, so this is a big deal.  I would’ve technically not referred to them as “old friends,” except I realized that we’ve known them for 9 years now, so that is official Old Friend Status.  Another note:  you don’t have to pick up the toys for old friends, they don’t care.  Right, Lindy???

Then last night we hung out with some New Friends and had a great time eating food they cooked and roasting marshmallows for S’mores.  Now that we have kids, Saturday night get-togethers involve communal baths, pajamas, and pack-n-plays.  In parenting time, we stayed out LAAAAATE, like until 9:45.  I’m so thankful that we have friends here!  Basically a miracle.  We met a lot of them through our Life Group at church, which is another thing I said I’d never join, and now here we are loving it.  I like to eat big heaping steaming plates of my words every few years, builds character.  Another note: There’s an entire list of things I said I’d NEVER do located right at the forefront of my  mom’s mind, if you need any details.

And finally, here’s a cheerful song to get stuck in your head today in honor of Sunday Funday:







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