April Clouds

Two things I love to watch:  a full moon rise and storm clouds roll in.  When we were in NYC a few months ago, I felt a deep sense of sorrow for all those city people who don’t get to see these things on a regular basis.  Then I pranced into a Starbucks and forgot about it.  But I try to never miss a full moon coming up behind our house, and my sisters and I usually text when we see one to make sure nobody misses it.  My favorite full moons in the world are the ones coming up behind football stadiums right before the game starts.  But anyway.  Yesterday was exceptional here in Sedan.  We had rain clouds!!!  Our first of the year.  They were blue.  And wet.  And cloudy.  And they had rain.  And it’s not June, it’s April.  And that is a miracle I have to share on this blog.  Check it out:

rain clouds
Hope, tangible.


dirt and clouds
The ground is a bit dry in places, I’ll admit.


Cows love rain. These are super excited, obviously.


The promise of more to come!

Appreciate the iPhone-ography you’re witnessing here.  I ran around in the rain like a lunatic with my phone in a Ziploc to get these shots for all 10 of you reading this.  You’re welcome.

.3″ in the record books, baby!



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