It Was A Good Month After All

Looking back on my phone pics this month, I’m surprised at what a great time it was, full of friends, family, and way too much Easter candy! Here are my favorite moments from April. Trevor is 3, Claire is 14 months, and both are a little too demanding for my taste, but these ages are pretty stinking fun.

We spent a full day with my best friend Kins and her two boys, Bridger and Parker, during our Lubbock trip. We took the 4 kids to the Science Spectrum, which they loved, except for the disappointing penguin exhibit… 4 smelly, dirty penguins, one of which looked like it had the mange, not exactly the Happy Feet we expected (give me that $3 back). But even baby Claire had a good time at the Spectrum!

science spectrum
Fun for all ages.

I used to teach 8th graders, and those boys could not keep their hands off each other. What is with boys having to touch, wrestle, poke, and harass each other nonstop?? Evidently it’s innate. This is Little Kinsey and Little Michelle wrestling at the park.

boys wrestling
Boys will be boys.

We spent a couple nights with my mom and sisters, and the cousins swam at the Holiday Inn. Trevor and Paxton have the most loving argumentative relationship. They’re six months apart, little miniatures my sister Sam of and me, and just too cute. They’ll stand and yell at each other until we break it up, then go off holding hands. And we got to play with my nephew Colt, who is 7 months old and could be Claire’s twin. I’m so glad my kids have cousins their age!


claire and colt
Baby cousins, Colt and Claire.
Trevor and Paxton, big cousins.

Speaking of cousins, this was the line to hunt eggs at the Bellah family egg hunt. Matt let them each go one at a time, littlest to biggest. This was our third egg hunt in three days, and they were all super fun.

easter egg lineup
Lots and lots of egg hunters at this one.
trevor egg hunting
T filled his bucket up way too many times.

After church Easter Sunday, Laurie took some family photos. This was my favorite:

claire easter dress
Blue-eyed baby doll

In mid-April, we were privileged enough to be part of the greeting committee for our friends’ arrival with their new beautiful baby girl from China! Her name is Kai, she’s almost 2, and she spent her entire life in an orphanage until April and Derek got her. She is the fourth child in their awesome family, and if anyone knows anybody adopting from a foreign country, please tell me so I can make a poster and greet them at the airport. So. Fun.

meeting Kai
The greeting party for baby Kai


Matt and his cousin Myles won the Joe’s Boot Shop Double Mugging. This was part of a big roping event in Clovis and was the most fun rodeo-thing I’ve been to. So proud of my cowboy hubs!  Trevor helped them practice the night before.  This kid.

rodeo practice
He’s the tiny thing in the middle.

Claire played on a trampoline for the first time and loved it.

trampoline claire
Trampoline Hair

And for my all-time favorite moment of April 2014:

Matt shaved his beard. This was the process.

weird goatee
Not happening.
matt and claire easter
There’s the man I married!

And other things in April: My friend Kristen drove an hour and a half to our house, spent the night, and kept the kids so I could have a day in town by myself! I got a haircut, wandered around Hobby Lobby for awhile, ran errands…it was magical. Thanks, Kristen, for listening to Claire cry all day and allowing me to reboot.

I bought a new pair of Brooks Defyance running shoes. Life changing. If you walk or jog, you need these. I’m pretty sure they’re the most awesome tennis shoes ever made, but this is my first new pair in a couple years so maybe my old ones were just that bad.

We got a new tumbleweed collection:

Children of the dust bowl.


And it’s finally May!! Bring on summer.






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