New Holiday!

Happy Cinco de Mayo Mom-o!

Occasionally I find it’s necessary to declare new holidays, like when splurging on a pair of shoes or ordering dessert, but mainly to justify a second glass of wine on a boring night.  As in, “New Episode of Modern Family Day!” or “Tuesday!”   Let’s celebrate!

This week is a busy one for people who care about “appreciation weeks.”  It’s Teacher Appreciation Week (a biggie, get your kid’s teacher a cupcake), Mexican Food Appreciation Week (isn’t that the meaning of Cinco de Mayo?), and Mother’s Day is Sunday (duh).  This could get expensive.  In our house alone, we’re celebrating Spray Sunscreen Appreciation Week, Dirty Laundry Appreciation Week, and Schwan’s Man Appreciation Week.  There’s so much to celebrate I’m afraid we’ll run out of umbrella straws and party napkins.

But.  There is a person that you need to encourage this week.  Even if you are this person, you need to encourage a friend or stranger who’s in your boat.  That’s why I’m making up this new holiday, Cinco de Mom-o.   Arriba and get me a margarita!

Moms who stay home, moms who have kids in school, moms who are working, single, tired, sick of the wind, pale, pasty, worried about losing five pounds for summer, poor, frumpy, rich, tan, coiffed…whatever kind of mom you know: this time of year is hard.  It’s transition time.  Everyone is sick of school.  Spring fever has hit but the weather isn’t quite nice enough for snow cones.  Kids need entirely new wardrobes and summer shoes.  There are no groceries in the house, baseball takes up the whole weekend, and everything is bor. ing.   For moms of little ones, nothing has changed except HURRY UP AND OPEN, CITY POOL.

five minute break
For real.

My friend Rebecca brought over a huge pasta dish last night and stayed for a visit.  What a great surprise!  She was cooking for her family and just tripled the recipe so they could share with two others.  That’s the kind of person she is.  Since this just made my week, I thought we, all 20 of you blog readers and myself, could take it as a personal challenge.  Think of a mom you know working like a maniac.  Now text her to say hello.  Now go get her little kids and take them to the park for an hour.  Drop a hanging flower basket on her porch.  Call in a pizza and have it delivered to their house.  Bring a cherry limeade over.  See the pattern?  Go out of your way this week and do one nice thing for one nice mom.

For single moms and ESMs (whose husbands don’t work 8-5 and aren’t home at night – Evening Single Moms), here’s what you can do:  show up at their house a little after bedtime.  Sit in the living room and scroll Facebook, or even do the dishes, while she goes for a walk around the block.  Give her an hour to get some fresh air, clear her head, and not hear anyone ask for anything.  This will be the best present she receives all week.

That’s it.  Let’s do it!  You are not too busy this week to help a mutha out.



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