Swinging in the Wind

Friday used to be the best day of the week. When I was growing up, in the fall, Friday was game day. My dad was a football coach, so we lived for Friday nights. When I was working, Friday was the only day we were officially allowed to wear jeans to school. I had my own personal jeans policy at least two other days of the week as well because that’s the kind of rebel I am, but Friday is the best day in a school. My old boss Rick just rolled his eyes when I headed out half an hour early on Fridays, which is why he was the best boss ever.

As a mom, Fridays are a bit different. As in, they are exactly like every other day, except I’m already dreading the fact that the Nick, Jr. programming is different on the weekends and WHY, NICK, JR. PROGRAMMERS, what is WRONG with you??? Don’t you know we need our two hours of Dora and Bubble Gups on Saturdays, too? Do any of you even have children?

But I digress. The main reason I’ve always loved Fridays is because you have the whole weekend to look forward to. I’d almost rather look forward to a weekend, holiday, vacation, or big event than actually be in the middle of it. It’s just so exciting to have something to anticipate.   I loved pregnancy because of this.  We didn’t find out the gender of either baby before they were born because I just can’t get enough anticipation and surprise in life.  Even the kids’ names were a surprise to us after they popped out.

Which brings us to the latest conundrum of living on a farm in New Mexico. BOREDOM. Let me tell you what there is to do out here for fun, with two little kids, in the wind: play on the swing set. Guess who doesn’t feel like pushing two kids on the swings five hours a day? Me.

So we were forced to get crafty this week.

Not even any toilet paper rolls to use for these. Sad.


Then we rearranged our basement play area.

play area
So many toys, yet the Tupperware and laundry baskets get more action.


We played outside some more.

claire outside
Too small to climb the fort, too big to sit in a bouncer all day.


And now I’m at the end of my rope. If you have suggestions for entertaining two kids with three-minute attention spans 16 hours a day 40 miles from town with no trees, water, or parks nearby, please comment. We need something to look forward to around here; Saturday is a very long day.

If you don’t have little kids – enjoy your weekend!  Get a pedi and go out for dinner with your cool friends.  If you do have little kids – take them to the park and remind them that not all children have a nice friendly neighborhood park to visit.  Play hard –  there are bored kids in New Mexico, you know.




7 thoughts on “Swinging in the Wind

  1. Oh my gosh, I am cracking up. Michelle, your personality SEEPS from your blog. And i have no ideas for you, but your basement play room is super cute. Well, maybe one idea…foil? Kristen H.

    1. Oh, thanks Kristen, for the bucket of ideas there. Love that baby girl you’ve got…enjoy the baby stage because it all breaks loose when they start walking. You’ve been warned. :))

  2. I love your basement play area too! I would love to have a designated place to stash all of Addi & Grady’s junk…*Ahem* toys! Theirs are just strewn about EVERYWHERE in their TINY rooms and all over our TINY house. Sorry I don’t really have many ideas. We struggle with boredom here in Coleman too. Do y’all have a library nearby? We go at least once a week. Grady has a blast pulling all the books off the shelf 🙂 What about the school playground? Could y’all go play at the school on Saturdays? Wish we all lived closer and could be bored out of our minds together! 🙂

    1. Oh my gosh, I know…toy central. Our basement is a complete disaster zone at all times! When we lived in Canyon I spent all evening picking up toys; exhausting. The library and nearest school playground are 30 minutes away. We do go to town once a week but it’s the daily routines that are dragging us down! (That and the wind.) Appreciate your Sonic and Best Fried Chicken!!

  3. Oh Yuck!! 😦 Yes, I will definitely make a conscious effort to be more thankful for Sonic & BFC (And libraries and school playgrounds, etc., etc.!)

  4. You are doing a fantastic job. And remember Wine is the answer…what was the question? Love seeing your pics. Hope you can visit again sometime soon. How is best way to send you some Texas wine? UPs or fedex? Can’t send thru mail.

    Rebecca Thieme Sent from my iPad


    1. Oh, right: wine. Of course. 🙂 I know Amazon doesn’t deliver wine to New Mexico for some reason. But the UPS man is our best friend out here! Planning to make another visit to Bellah Stella this summer if at all possible!

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