Stay Fresh

What are the cool words to say in 2014? Last night Matt told me that The Roots on the The Tonight Show are so swag. I’m not sure that a white New Mexican farmer is allowed to say swag. Ever. When I was in junior high, cute boys were fine. Then they became hot. Are we back to fine? Do cool people say awesome as much as I do? Remember when we all said something was bad and that meant good? The other day I told Trevor, “Cool beans, pink jeans.” Almost positive that’s not allowed.

Who decides which words are trendy? I’m betting it’s rappers and hip-hop artists but I haven’t hung out with any of them in awhile and I missed the Billboard Music Awards this year. It could be the Mennonites. The Mennonite girl who lived in our farmhouse before us told me that my office curtains are fresh. She specifically said, “These are so fresh.” That must be it – the Mennonites know fabric, and they know fresh. That’s my word and I’m overusing it.

So here’s the Fresh List. If you have a better word, please comment and I will change this entire post because you are fresher than me. I need all the coolness/swagness/legitness I can getness.

Michelle’s Friday Fresh List

These homemade curtains, the epitome of Mennonite Fresh.

office curtains

The kid on the right, too fresh for school.

Claire and Trevor in pool

Claire’s new rain jacket, gangsta.

claire jacket

Farm picnics with dad, just like at the park.

T and M in back of Sequoia

My crayon shirt, earrings, and hair, circa 1991.

second grade photo

The inch of rain that poured last night, FRESH.

rain drops on leaves

Have a fresh Memorial Day weekend, everyone! Don’t fresh and drive. Be fresh to your neighbors. Fresh one another. Live your life in the fresh.  Live, Laugh, Fresh.  Freshily ever after.  Fresh out.


7 thoughts on “Stay Fresh

  1. On the TV show Bad Teacher, a junior high aged student exclaimed, “awesome-sauce!” The ever so cool teacher said, “No, don’t ever say awesome-sauce again. It’s almost as bad as amaze-balls.”

    Just thought you should remove awesome sauce and amaze balls from your vocabulary. And, if your looking to stay fresh and dope (and clean), no one says it better than Outkast…

    “Ain’t nobody dope as me I’m just so fresh so clean
    (So fresh and so clean clean)
    Don’t you think I’m so sexy I’m just so fresh so clean
    (So fresh and so clean clean)
    Ain’t nobody dope as me I’m just so fresh so clean
    (So fresh and so clean clean)
    I love when you stare at me I’m just so fresh so clean
    (So fresh and so clean clean)”

  2. Michelle, your posts are awesome. Try this one out though…I heard one of our buddy’s wife say obvi. I’m not sure if everyone uses this or not. I think I’m a little out of the loop, obvily.

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