The Glamorous Life of a New Mexican Farm Wife

The past week or so, we’ve been finishing planting corn, AI-ing a million heifers, fixing miles of electric fence to keep the cattle where they’re supposed to be, and running irrigation sprinklers. By we, I mean Matt and Layne, and by AI-ing, I mean sticking things up cow butts.


At least I don’t have to do this.

It turns out that when work like this is going on, farm wives provide lunch for the crew. Ever’ day I’m grocery shoppin… In the past week, Laurie and I have cooked steak and mashed potatoes, kabobs with roasted potatoes, chicken enchiladas and all the sides, burgers and brats, sausage casserole, breakfast burritos, cookies, blueberry pie, chocolate dipped strawberries, and you should have seen our carts at Sam’s Club the other day as we prep for Round 3 this week. Who knew you could buy five pounds of grated cheddar in one bag?  Give me two.

It takes a lot of guys and sometimes one or two girls working cattle to get everything done, but only one guy to call and say, “We’ll be there in 30 for lunch.” Sometimes that guy forgets. Sometimes 30 is 90. Sometimes the wives fly into uncontrolled rage because they can’t bear to cook another meal without leftovers. Just kidding, that would never happen. Practice hospitality and all.


 Dining al fresco.  And save some food for the girls, why don’t you.

We’re hosting some family* this week because, as mentioned, it takes several guys to get all this work done. I love this! We have a severe shortage of company in Sedan, hard to fathom, but true. So we appreciate any and all visitors except those that don’t leave a tip on the pillow, and the extra attention is super healthy for Trevor, since he’s attention-deprived out here alone on the prairie.  Speaking of Trevor, he hasn’t gotten in from work with Dad before 11 a single night this week; one night he showed up at 3 am, total curfew violation.  This is how farm kids build character and their moms retain sanity.


They never get to do anything fun.

Yesterday, I changed all the guest bed sheets, vacuumed the basement (no small undertaking and I suffer an embarrassing shortage of experience with this task), found room in the pantry for the mass quantities of paper goods stockpiled for this week, washed and folded four loads of laundry, scrubbed bathrooms, paid some bills, cleaned a month’s worth of Goldfish and animal crackers out of my vehicle, swept the floors eleven times, mowed the backyard weedfest with a push mower, filled up the kiddie pool, cooked lunch, convinced Trevor to wear a pair of shorts, worked on my tan, fed and bathed both kids a couple of times, and am up at 6:00 am today to do it all again.


Lots of traffic this week in Sedan.

Obviously, I have no time to blog. You’re welcome.


*To all our company this week: please don’t leave! Until I’m ready for you to leave. Then, get out. Love ya bye.



5 thoughts on “The Glamorous Life of a New Mexican Farm Wife

  1. Love “catching” up with you through this. It’s a nice laugh while I sit here with my 9month belly and will continue to be with my 1month feeding chee chees.

  2. I must say, you treat your crew way better that I ever did! I would do a lot of grilling outside and mostly serve sausage wraps or hamburgers and iced tea—loading all this in the back of my suburban……along with the babies…! travel to whatever place they were working that day….a non windy day would be considered a treat for me!!

    1. Yes! We usually take it to the tractor, but lately they’ve actually had a scheduled lunch break with all this AI business! Sausage wraps…adding that to my list right now! 🙂

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