Corn Watch ’14

Week 1

Meet our newborn corn.  It’s two weeks old, 4-5″ tall, and growing like a very expensive weed.  Each week I will (might) post a photo of this corn and by the end of the summer, you’ll be impressed.   This is our most recently planted circle, which Matt and Layne squeezed in between the rain, cattle, and sudan; before this corn was planted they had to actually remove all the tumbleweeds from the field.   Manual labor at its finest.


The stuff around the green plants is last year’s corn leftovers.  

If you’ve never seen a corn crop grow, it’s pretty cool.  We don’t have it where I’m from in central Texas, so the first year I saw millions of 8-foot tall corn plants up here, I was amazed.  Randomly, one day late last summer, Trevor and I ended up walking a 1/4 mile through this circle to the pivot to take something to Matt.  We pretended like we were soldiers in Vietnam, which was fun for him but kept me frantically glancing around for poisonous snakes and machetes.  It’s so tall and green and lush it really does seem like you’re in a jungle (minor details of no rain and 10% humidity beg to differ).  Coyotes, antelope, rattlesnakes and an occasional mountain lion can be found in the corn circles up here, and that’s no joke.  


 Baby corn, June 11.


Since I was taking pics and it was such a nice evening last night, here are a few extras.  Summer in Sedan..perhaps it’s a beautiful thing.



 Trevor and Chance, two more things growing like weeds.



 Not a staged picture. Trevor regularly reminds me that he loves Dad more.



Gold wheat and green grass!



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