Hauling Hay and Toddlers

First, it’s Friday, so time for the Corn Watch ’14 Weekend Update.  It’s green, growing, and behaving as well as can be expected for a three week old.

corn week 2

Same corn, different day. 8-9″ tall, June 19.

This morning I was coerced into helping Matt haul some hay from one place to another.  For the first hour, Trev and Claire and I had a great time pulling a huge flatbed trailer around a wheat field.  Then we ran out of Goldfish and fruit snacks and juice and phone service, so it wasn’t that cool anymore.  But I’m getting a ton of trailer-pulling experience lately, which can only come in handy in my career as an educational technology consultant/long-haul trucker.

matt on tractor

Teamwork makes the dreamwork.

trevor and claire

Happy helpers.


Safety first.


Farm kid bathroom.


She’s 16-months old, time to make herself useful.

Plus, we found a horned toad in the field!  When I was little, these were fun to catch and try to make spit blood out their eyeballs at your sisters, then lock in a shoebox for a few hours or days.  They used to be endangered, not sure if that’s true anymore or not, but I’ve seen several around lately.  We introduced Trevor to our little friend, but it seems he doesn’t appreciate the value of a good horned toad yet.  He’ll come around.


And that’s the Sedan Report. Time for a nap and some rain, so be praying about that, you blog readers.  (Both of those, actually.  What are the chances of a nap around here?  Fat.)


6 thoughts on “Hauling Hay and Toddlers

  1. I just caught up on your entire blog.. I was supposed to be studying.. I blame you. Please come to Dallas for the NTB concert in September? I wanna go!

    1. I cannot be held responsible for your grades due to lack of studying, MM. But hope your summer is going good!! Make time for a glass of wine every day. And yes — NTB in Dallas — would LOVE. 🙂

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