Summer in Sedan

Summer is in full swing, but summer in Sedan is a bit different than summer on the beach, the lake, the river, the pond, the pool….basically any body of water one could sit next to and read a trashy novel and feel a sense of burning skin and relaxation. As I think I’ve made clear, there’s no water here except a bug-filled kiddie pool and the dog bowl, which Trevor and Claire love to frolic in, respectively. There’s a lake about an hour away, but we don’t have a boat, and we would spend every afternoon on the white sands of Florida, except for that pesky 22-hour drive.


Not Sedan. Or anywhere else we’ll be in the foreseeable future.

So how does one survive summer in Sedan when the closest pool is 40 miles away and there’s no snow cone stand in sight?

1. Friends

One of my besties from our old neighborhood, Kim, brought her two kids to visit this week. We played in the yard, had our Sedan friends over for dinner, tried to teach Trevor to share toys, and yelled at Chance the puppy to stop jumping on everyone. Bad dog! Dogs are so annoying in the yard when you have toddlers playing, which is why little Chance might be going to Aunt Laurie’s for awhile, where small dogs tend to disappear in the night. Just kidding not.


See how annoying this is?

One of my other besties, who shall remain nameless, just spent the week in Tuscany, so she is officially off the friends list for a while until her summer gets as boring as ours and we can relate again.

Another great friend/cousin came to keep the kids while I went to town all alone one day.  She’s moving quickly up the list of Michelle’s Favorite People; thanks Kristen!! Is there any point to summer without your best friends around? No. There is not.


Best friends – Kristen, Tab, and Laurie – assemble kids’ play equipment, too. Go girls.

2. Kindle

Thank goodness for Amazon Prime, the Kindle app, and cheap books. No summer is complete without a few good (and bad) novels. I’ve read The Language of Flowers, The Rosie Project, Heaven is for Real, The Vacationers, and a few others you wouldn’t be interested in. The list is long and the books are good, people.

3. Backyard Driving Range

Matt’s had some flags stuck out in the weeds behind the back fence for a couple months now, thinking he’ll be hitting golf balls in his free time all season. The only issues with the previous sentence are: weeds, free time. But he did have a minute yesterday to hit a few with Cowboy T. And a few slices that may or may not have landed precariously close to Beechnut.

ImageWrangler butts and all…

4. Yucca

No summer is complete without some frozen Ziplocs of Yucca in the freezer. I like to mix it half and half with a Dos Equis for the perfect afternoon drink. Just combine a can each of frozen lemonade and frozen limeade concentrates, a 2 Liter Sprite, ¾ cup sugar, and a little bunch of vodka. Stir together, pour into gallon baggies, and freeze. Slushies anytime, all the time! If you’re really fancy like me, add in some sliced lemons and limes so people think it’s fresh.

5. Kiddie Trampoline with Sprinkler and Kiddie Pool

We got this trampoline at Sam’s Club a few weeks ago and everyone with toddlers needs it! It’s basically an outdoor playpen for Claire, and we put the sprinkler under it for Trev. He can climb in and out by himself, zip up the net so Chance can’t bite his ankles, and we spend lots of time in the afternoons laying on the trampoline working on our tans Googling nursery rhyme lyrics since I don’t know any.  And the kiddie pool…life saver.


 It’s not the size of the pool that counts.

6. Country Music

My sisters and I all agree that country music is better in the summer. There are few good songs out right now, and some really stupid ones (Drunk on a Plane, really, Dierks? Cop Car? What is that all about, Keith?). We turn on the CMT Countdown every week, where a corny video can really ruin a good song, so I actually recommend just listening to the countdown. I like the songs out right now about beer drinking, going to the lake, and small towns, so that should really narrow it down for you if you’re looking for new good music.

That’s all I’ve got so far. We’re going to the lake with my family next week, where the kiddies will experience large quantities of water, roasted marshmallows, and fireworks, three necessities of a great childhood. Hope your summer is full of the same!




2 thoughts on “Summer in Sedan

  1. Water, marshmallows, fireworks, and Big Red ice cream are the necessities of a great childhood. I’ll be making the ice cream this weekend. One day I’ll bust out the hand-crank and teach the kids what homemade ice cream is all about. Until they are bigger, I’ll keep on using the electric mixer!

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