We went down to my parents’ for the 4th of July weekend which was terrific fun and came back childless. Trevor and Claire are splitting this week between their favorite grandparents’ houses, soaking up entirely too much attention, for which I’ll be punished next week when they return home to New Mexico and only one adult, who happens to be fully conditioned to their cuteness, to fawn over them. Undoubtedly, they’re having the time of their lives, but it sure is quiet around here without my minis.


Trevor and his cousin Paxton watching fireworks on the 4th. More on this later if I have time.

So, what’s a stay-at-farm-mom to do when her kids are out of town? As a very efficient, organized overachiever, of course I had a few goals on the list for this week: finish prep work for some trainings I’m doing at a school next month, store the boxes of kids’ winter clothes that have been sitting in the hallway since May, put away the toys in the basement, pick up Claire’s mess in the pantry (her favorite place to destroy), and write a few blog posts for my loyal readers. Basically a morning of housework and a day of computer work, and bam, free time the rest of the week to go for walks, watch TV, and read magazines outside in a bikini, just like the old days.

Here’s what I’ve accomplished as of Wednesday night: read three novels on my Kindle, drank way too much coffee, walked past the boxes of winter clothes 57 times, repeatedly stepped over the mess in the pantry, cooked two frozen pizzas and some taquitos, refused to glance in the direction of the basement toy-nado, complained numerous times about having no groceries in the house, went to the movies with Matt, left a load of clothes in the dryer for three full days so far, and once thought about brushing my hair. It’s the classic issue: too much time to get things done = inertia.

Remember those kids in college who didn’t have jobs? Their only responsibilities were to go to class and make sure they bought all the Greek date night t-shirts ever made? Those guys didn’t start writing papers until the night before they were due, and they didn’t make notecards to study for tests a week in advance, and they didn’t get all their homework done because they simply had too much time on their hands. It’s virtually impossible to motivate yourself to do something that you have plenty of time to do. That’s me this week. When you have all day to do the dishes, you might as well do them tomorrow! When you have all week to take a Rubbermaid box of clothes to the storage closet, why bother? And when you have a month until training a teaching staff…ain’t nothin’ gonna get planned for that. Duh.

Tomorrow is my last day to be at home and not change a diaper, wipe down the high chair, or close the baby gate at the top of the stairs. I can take a nap, take a walk, take a break. Thanks to grandparents everywhere for giving moms and dads a rest! If you are a grandma who has taken the kids off your daughter/in-law’s hands for an extended period of time, this clap is for you. You are a saint. (A very loving, exhausted saint who is probably thankful that carseats weren’t such a huge deal back when your kids were little.)

But grandmas, give me those blue-eyed babies back. It’s lonely here without them and the house is a WRECK.


2 thoughts on “Kid-cation

  1. That dilemma is holding true for me in retirement. No 7 AM ARDS, no report deadlines. I can procrastinate the day away big time! Enjoy those babies!

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