That Time We Took a Bull to a Birthday Party and Other Stuff

On Monday, it rained 7/10 of an inch here, so that was weird. We’re up to 7” total for the year and grateful for every drop.   Since Monday, with an unusually cool and wet July afternoon starting off the week, things have been kinda strange.

On Tuesday, I took my car to the post office around noon. When I got in it a few hours later to go to Laurie’s for dinner, a mouse had been in it shredding a box of Kleenex and pooping everywhere. Have you ever had a mouse in your car? It’s difficult to calmly put your foot on the gas. We borrowed some traps from a neighbor and left them in the front seat for a few days, but he didn’t take the bait. Maybe he climbed out the way he came in after the only thing to eat was tissue. Just last week Matt vacuumed all the Cheezits and Cheerios out of the floorboards; perhaps the mouse had been living in our vehicle for weeks, filling up on processed snack foods and happy as could be. Side note: I know the mouse was male because a female would for sure have had nasty little babies in Claire’s car seat, that’s how mice roll.

When we got to Laurie’s for dinner, I stepped out of the Mouse Mobile and met the biggest dog I’ve ever seen in my adult life. Layne and Laurie are now the proud owners of a very furry white Great Pyrenese named Lou.   Their last three dogs have disappeared, all being on the small side of the canine family, so maybe Lou will keep the coyotes at bay. And bonus, Trevor can ride him. I’m pretty much not a fan of large dogs because of the presents they leave in the yard and all that slobber, but Lou seems like a nice kid; I think we’ll get along well. Laurie hosted everyone for fireworks because she’s the best aunt ever, and Trevor really loved dancing around the yard with a supersize sparkler. Quality parenting.

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 10.47.24 PM


I can’t remember anything that happened Wednesday. I believe I was conscious most of the day, but short-term memory loss is real, and it hurts.

Claire walking

Oh wait…Wednesday was just all about Claire.

On Thursday, our new neighbor kids came over. Layne’s brother and his family have moved into the ‘hood, reppin’ the west side, and we are so happy to have them! They have three kids, ages 10, 7, and 11 months ish. I’m not exactly sure on all these ages, so whatever. The point is: Trevor has a new best friend. Her name is Morgan but he only calls her Norgan, and they disappear and play for hours. They asked me to come out to the sand box to take a picture of what they made: a Zen Garden. Norgan taught Trevor all about Zen Buddhism, and how they sit on rocks in their gardens to gain peace and wisdom.

Norgan: They meditate here and are filled with wisdom from the inside.

Trevor: What’s wisdom?

Norgan: It means you’re very very very clever.

Trevor: Oh, and curious!

Norgan: I guess.

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 10.47.36 PM

Zen Garden, Sedan, New Mexico.

As a good Christian mom, I made sure that both kids understand where we get our wisdom. Reader’s Digest magazine, obviously, and God. They were in full agreement. Norgan is a Methodist pastor’s daughter, so it sounds like her parents are really taking care of the theological side of things.

While the new neighbor kids played downstairs with my kids, I laid on my bed and ate yogurt. It was a very good day and I’m looking forward to many more just like it.

On Friday afternoon, the kids and I helped Matt move some heifers to a different field. It was just the four of us, which is the weird part, and I have to say, my cowgirl skills are improving. I can lead a herd of cattle down a dirt road from the confines of a vehicle like a professional. As long as I have 4G service and snacks.

On Saturday morning, Matt went to check things and noticed one of our bulls has an injury.   A delicate sort of injury that you don’t need to know all about. We were due at a birthday party in town, so Matt loaded the bull on a trailer and hooked on so we could take him to the vet since we were heading to that way anyway. Long story short, the vets wouldn’t answer their phones, we were an hour late to a two-hour party, and we pulled into a very clean driveway in a very nice neighborhood with a giant black bull.   It was a lot like a portable petting zoo by the time all the girls at the party came out to see him, so I feel like we really complemented the party theme. You’re welcome, kids. Side Note: We don’t normally bring our stock to parties, but that can probably be arranged for a fee.

trailer in driveway

Because he is a gentleman, Matt cleaned up after his bull with a water hose.

Now it’s Saturday night, Matt’s still out working, the kids are asleep, and the bull is in a pen. Tomorrow is a new day and the start of another week. Here’s to more rain, a mouse-free car, yogurt in bed, and a peaceful sandbox.





2 thoughts on “That Time We Took a Bull to a Birthday Party and Other Stuff

  1. I would like to arrange for a petting zoo at Pax’s birthday party. On second thought, she would probably be scared of any animal larger than her outdoor lizard, Hazel.

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