Life in the Farm Lane

An Update

The past couple weeks have been hectic, fast-paced, non-stop, and full steam ahead here on the franch. For Matt and Layne, anyway. I’ve mostly been eating individually-wrapped World Market chocolates and taking bubble baths.

We have several different farming entities here on the New Mexico state line that all work together, and they consist of Matt, Layne, and now Layne’s brother, Ryan. Three workers for a whole lot of work that’s NOT figuratively speaking been 24/7 lately. Raking sudan, baling hay, drilling wheat…that’s just what I know happened at midnight last night. The guys are also doctoring calves, preg-checking heifers, moving cattle from one circle to another, picking up tractor parts in town, paying bills, and checking water. Et cetera.

Laurie and I often tell people that we’re not sure what all is going on because we haven’t seen our husbands lately. Let me assure you: we don’t know what’s going on because we haven’t seen our husbands lately. They are working. All. The. Time.

My friend Kim says that she’s grateful to have a husband gone a lot for work rather than one lying around on the couch full time. I agree. It’s not that easy to be home by myself with toddlers so far out of town, so far away from extended family, so far from Target…so so far from Target. But there is a reward for all this hard work. I’m not exactly sure what it is yet, but I will make an announcement when I find out. I think it entails a sense of satisfaction, a feeling of accomplishment, and pride in making the most of our resources and opportunities. Yeah. That sounds about right.  I’ll ask Matt.

But it’s a good life on the franch. It’s crazy busy right now, yet simple. Matt won’t be home this evening, but Trevor is with him  now on the tractor. Claire doesn’t get to go to story time at the library, but she is becoming really skilled at beating on Tupperware dishes while I cook lunch. Our kids are happy as clams in their little farm life bubble, and I know it’s a great place for them. We’ll talk about this again in March when the wind is blowing dirt 90 mph through the back yard. But for now, September in Sedan…we can’t complain.

Raking sudan

 Raking sudan.  Step 1,406 of the 2000 steps involved in making hay.



 Half a circle of hay bales.  Pretty!


Trevor sleeping on tractor

The best naps are tractor naps.  Who am I kidding?  The only naps are tractor naps.

Matt in corn

Where’s Waldo?

claire at the barn

Claire discovered the barn and refuses to leave.


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