Better than a Spa Day

Matt informed me last week that he was staying home with the kids on Saturday while I went to town to “do some things.” Since my birthday gift from him was a deluxe spa day gift card, I assumed he had scheduled the fancy treatment, including mud wrap, and was sending me off to Amarillo for a day of pampering. Did you catch that he was keeping the kids? This never happens! And what the hell is a mud wrap?

Saturday morning, I pulled my unbrushed hair back and left the house without makeup, because deluxe facial and all. Matt insisted on keeping the spa appointment a “surprise” and refused to tell me where to be exactly.  Like I don’t know where the day spa is. Then he called while I was driving and told me to take our vehicle to the Toyota place for its 10:15 appointment. Imagine my dismay. Going to the service department to start my day of zen is NOT relaxing, plus Matt said he’d arranged a ride for me. I would be without my own wheels part of the day and uggghhhh have to make small talk with a Toyota guy.

As I pulled in to the garage to drop off the car, my best friend Kins magically appeared in the parking lot. I was surprised – maybe she was going on the spa day too?? Then my other best friends, Kali and Kim, stepped out – it was a Surprise- Michelle Girls Day! With Matt’s help, three of my favorite people had arranged a field trip from the farm for me, and kept it under wraps for weeks. I love surprises! They usually don’t include Toyota dealerships, but when you live two hours from a city, everything is logistical, so never mind that.  Also never mind the sadness of my mascara-less face.

We piled in Kinsey’s car and spent the next seven hours together, drinking lattes (not pumpkin spice, for the record) and painting pottery and shopping and eating. And talking, because that was the whole point. Subjects covered included: three-year-old tantrums, working moms, stay at home moms, babysitters and lack thereof, extended families, money management, Outlander, decorating, StitchFix, pregnancy, nursing, food allergies, what great husbands we have, farm life, Bible studies, drug dealers, shoes, pizza, and how we missed our kids. Kali and Kim are working moms, so weekends are their time to spend with their babies, which makes them super friends for sacrificing the day. Kins lives two hours from town on the opposite side of the panhandle from us, and she drove all the way in, which makes her, as usual, a super friend.


Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 9.36.22 AM

Third annual Brush with Art day.  Our skills are improving…no ugly mugs this year!

I have super friends. They are funny and smart and beautiful and their names all start with K.  A giant enormous thank you to our hubbies, who each stayed home with two kids, kept the houses clean, and had to work today.  Jared is a high school coach, Jered is a state trooper, Dillon is a rancher, and Matt is a francher – they’re all hard-working guys and we love ‘em.  (Matt did text during the day to ask if I could run by Lowe’s and buy a new push mower. I despise errands like this, but my yard is a foot high, and everything is logistical, so no biggie.)

 Matt and me

My favorite guy.  Even if he somehow stays two years younger than me.

 I smiled the whole 120 miles home.  Matt and Laurie and my Dalhart friends and my mom and sisters made my birthday last week special, plus this spa day, and just the fact that I have so many people to love… I can’t even keep count of my blessings.   

And my new mower self-propels like a boss.


4 thoughts on “Better than a Spa Day

  1. You deserve it, friend! You are worth celebrating. You’re encouragement, take on life, and wit are such a blessing to us readers/followers/friends. xxx happy birthday!!

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