Corn Watch ’14 and September Are Over

Corn Watch ’14 went so fast I missed it.  Due to lack of personal interest in taking photos of corn each week, our corn went from this:



To this, in the blink of a blog post:

tall corn

The circle I was documenting sustained some hail damage during an August storm, but it seems alright to me.  Farmer Trev did a thorough check the other day and says we’ll be ready to harvest in a few weeks.  It’s been such great weather for corn this summer:  cool, damp, dewy, and exactly opposite of the first half of the year.  Thank you, God!  Matt and Layne’s corn is eight feet tall and harboring an untold number of coyotes, and it’s the best time of year to visit the farm.  We have wheat coming up, corn turning gold, and sunflowers everywhere.  Don’t make me eat these words, but it’s quite nice in New Mexico lately.

T walking in corn

 A man can get lost out there.

Trevor eats corn

 We really don’t eat this corn, it’s raised for cattle consumption.  Don’t tell the Facebook activists.  Or Trevor.

Claire standing by corn

Child of the corn.

And in the meantime, we’ve preg-checked heifers, drilled tons of wheat, shipped and received cows, and accidentally ran over the neighbor’s dog, don’t chase cars you moron.  All in the day of a francher. 

matt and dillon preg check

Matt and his best friend Dillon.  The guy in the background sticks his arm in places you don’t want to go, for a living.


ultrasound machine

The ultrasound machine for preg-checking.  Just like at the OBGYN, except not in 4D.  And outdoors.  And covered in shit.


picnic on the trailer

 Picnic for lunch while working cattle.  I’ve made 78,003 Hawaiian roll sandwiches this month. Laurie helped.

Trev and Matt on tractor

Just a boy and his dad and acres to go before they sleep.

september sunset

The sun sets on September.  And a sprinkler.  I’m sorry, city dwellers, that you don’t get to see this every day.


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