The Best Things in Life are People

While we were in Throckmorton for the bull sale, we went to visit Mom Bellah, who is Matt’s dad’s mom and one of Trevor and Claire’s great-grandmothers. They are lucky kids to have two great-grandmas here, and three more waiting in heaven.  Great-grandparents are just one of the biggest blessings life has to offer, in my opinion.  I remember all three of mine that were living when I was growing up, and it’s amazing how clear and sweet those memories are still.  And how delicious my Granny’s homemade pickles were.  

claire and mom bellah

Mom Bellah is the most lovely woman, one of our favorite people, and we are so thankful to have her in our lives! I think most people value their grandparents, but Mom Bellah is absolutely revered by the Bellah family and everyone who knows her. If you ever get the chance to meet this lady, you will find that another person on earth loves you. She exudes love, gentleness, kindness, patience, and goodness. Her home, so cozy and just like a grandma’s house should be, literally relaxes your soul.

claire looking at Mom B

Mom Bellah has three children, seven grandchildren, and 15.5 great-grandchildren, and she texts, calls, and shops at Dillard’s for all of them. And I recently found out about her taste for a good fried corndog, which I respect and hope is not a secret. Nothing wrong with an occasional corndog, right.

Laurie and Matt and I took the kids for lunch last week and when we left, Laurie said, “I’ve just never had a bad time at Mom Bellah’s.” And one time, Laurie fell off the roof and cracked her face open there. That’s saying something. It’s strange, I tell you, the good times you have visiting Mom in the tiny little town of Woodson.  Three of her great-granddaughters live in Woodson and regularly have sleepovers with Mom.  Claire is jealous but she will have her turn someday.

Mom plays piano at her little church, and she sometimes plays when you visit her. This made Claire’s day, and pretty much made my month. What a blessing to have my kids sit on a piano bench with their great-grandma and bang away like little banshees.

mombellah playing piano

Mom B and kids playing
 Thanks, Mom, for another fun visit.  Next time we’ll bring you a pair of earmuffs for the jam session.


3 thoughts on “The Best Things in Life are People

  1. Michelle, this is the dearest thing. What precious words and sweet pictures too! It made me tear up and I am not even a member of the Bellah family. What a gift Mom Bellah and her ways are to this world, and thanks for reminding us of that.

  2. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Jody’s Mom, but feel like I have now! My great grandmother was a treasure too. So thankful your kids are being blessed with her love & wisdom. Thanks for sharing her with us! Big hugs!

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