Farm Kid Probs

Poor little Trevor and Claire and their geographical disadvantage. Cue the invisible violin: It’s hard living on the prairie. Is there a scholarship for this hardship?   These kids miss out on really important suburban life things like brunch, sidewalks, and Saturday morning donuts. trevor with dogsThey never get to go to the park, and when they read other kids’ blogs about fall field trips to the corn maze and autumn handprint crafts, they become bitter and resentful. I actually had to ground them from social media this month because of their sadness over not collecting a wagon full of pumpkins for us to paint gold and artfully arrange on our fancy front porch weathered, busted-up back deck.

Shame, really.

Some of the problems Trev and Claire face are outlined here; if you’d like to make a donation to their fund, please Paypal me, Michelle Bellah. Preferably before Christmas.

Problem 1: Mandatory Workdays with Dad

We practically force Trevor into his work clothes (Wranglers, boots, plaid button down shirt, sunglasses, hat, and you better not forget it) and MAKE him spend a few hours doing chores in the afternoon. He HATES the commute. Sooooo boring.   trev on 4 wheeler

Just like the interstate.  Tons of traffic.

trevor checking cornTaking corn to test for harvest.  Still not ready, if you’re wondering.

claire checking corn with dad

She helps.

Problem 2:  Being Left Behind on Mandatory Workdays with Dad

This is even worse. Brother and Dad often leave Sister in the dust. Someday, Claire, you’ll be big enough to help doctor cattle, too.  Probably in February when New Baby arrives and your momma needs a nap…yeah…that’s when you’ll be just the right size, I bet.  claire crying

Cry me a river, Claire.

Problem 3:  The Lack of Pavement for Bike Riding

We don’t even have a patio to ride around on a tricycle in circles. No slightly graded driveway to speed down on a Big Wheel. There will be no rollerblading on this pea gravel, and the walks we take are very…spacious. These kids are suffering, y’all. t riding bike

road to nowhere Evening stroll to nowhere.

Problem 4: Fall Pumpkin Wheat Patch Trip 2014

The closest pumpkin patch is less than an hour away, but why would we drive that far to a farm field when we have our own right here behind the house? So, there aren’t any pumpkins. So, there aren’t any cute square hay bales for photo ops. So, what? Childhood is rough. And we need to give you something to talk about in therapy.   trevor in wheat field

The heartbreak…

claire and uncle layneUncle Layne explaining to Claire that there are no pumpkins in a wheat field.

claire and michelle

Do they even know what they’re missing?

Although T & C face all kinds of adversity out here, I constantly remind them to quit complaining and count their blessings. Lots of kids don’t even HAVE a sandbox because they live in an apartment! What the heck is an apartment, they wonder. Some kids’ parents won’t allow them to have a dog, and we have two, plus 1,000 coyotes! And we never put them on leashes.  There are children in the world who have to wait in the back seat every afternoon while their mom gets a Sonic drink on the way home, can you believe it?? 1-IMG_0725Trevor and Claire may think these #farmkidprobs are inhumane now, but in thirty years when they drag their own kids back home to the franch, they’re going to really appreciate all our sacrifice.  And look at all the character they’re building.


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