The Thanksgiving 2014 Post

Last night on the way home from town, Trevor told us that he wished it would be winter again, with snow everywhere. He wondered why it was only winter last week. After a highly scientific explanation about cold fronts, pressure systems, and how it won’t be on the ground all season, I told him that if he wants more snow, he could ask God to send some. So from the front seat, we listened to our three year old ask God for snow. It went like this: Dear God, please make it snow all winter, enough to build a snowman, but not too much. Thank you, amen.

Trevor’s prayer about snow reminded me of earlier this year when we were praying for his great-uncle undergoing heart surgery. Trevor said, “Let’s call the angels to keep him safe. [Holds fake phone to ear] Dear Angels, could you please keep Uncle Danny safe. Thank you.”

I love to hear this kid’s simple prayers. He apparently has a direct line, and so far I think God has answered yes to all of his requests. He prayed for rain this summer, we got it. He prays for his cousins almost every night; they seem to be doing great! He wants to build a snowman with his Aunt Laurie this winter, I’m sure that won’t be a problem. To date, the only concerning issue with Trevor’s child-like faith came when he informed me that Jesus isn’t in New Mexico. Oh, and this report from his Sunday School teachers a couple days ago:

Teacher: Trevor, what are you thankful for?

Trevor: My stinky butt!

First, we go to church in Texas, so [duh] Jesus isn’t in New Mexico. Second, we don’t say the word “butt” in our house. Third, no more pancakes and syrup before church.

This Thanksgiving week, I’ve been thinking about the difficulties 2014 has presented our little family. Matt and I have had some real adult-style challenges and big decisions and lots of opportunity for anxiety. It’s been a year of growing up and running an operation and raising kids. It’s been real, adult, life. So this week, I’m thankful for the hard things as well as the easy things.

We lost a baby in January, which is very hard to be thankful for, but now we are waiting to meet the newest Bellah in February!  

We spent way too much time working and a couple of unforeseen ag-related events occurred that are hard to be thankful for, but we were blessed with fruitful crops and are in a good place to end the year. Well, we think so: last week there was an incident involving a farmer, a beer, a laptop, and all of our accounting files. This is also hard to be thankful for, but it will be very nice to thank the computer repair shop in a week or so.  (I’ll have to ask Trevor pray about that…)

We did survive the spring wind, which I haven’t yet made it to a point of gratefulness for, but maybe someday I’ll see the point.

So much good was tangled up in our problems this year. We have great friends and the best families, the hotwire did not, in fact, remove Matt’s head from his body, Claire generally sleeps until 8:30 or 9 because she is a magic baby, and Trevor provides comedic relief at all hours.  My friend Susan texted one day this summer saying,  “You have it all!”  At first I strongly disagreed, I mean, look where we live, but then I realized:  she is right.  We do have it all.  We have love and contentment and grateful hearts (usually) and funny kids, and that is all.

Plus, Uncle Danny’s surgeries were successful. We atually used our rain gauges. The angels are on-call and Trevor has Sunday School teachers who laugh about stinky butts.  God listens to toddler prayers, and I’m convinced that Jesus actually is in New Mexico.  There’s no better reason to be thankful than that.


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