Merry Christmas from the Family

When was Christmas? A couple months ago?  Seems like a million years since we drug/drag/drang our kids all over central Texas to celebrate.  No, seriously.

5 Christmas celebrations + 3 days + 2 toddlers +1 fetus + 0 naps  = complete loss of brain activity.

If I wasn’t 35 weeks pregnant, I would have drink/drank/drunk 35 glasses of wine to survive.  Alas, I remained sober, mostly coherent, and enjoyed all the time we spent with our families, which consist of the best people in the known universe.  How completely blessed are we to have FIVE family celebrations to attend?  Some people don’t have any.

Here are a few photos of our Christmas extravaganza this year.  I left my camera in New Mexico, so all pics are courtesy of the blurriest camera in existence, the iPhone5.  But you can’t hide cousin cuteness…a Fisher Price camera would get good shots of the adorable miniature people we fed snacks and opened presents with for three days.

I firmly requested [warned] the grandparents not to get my kids more than one gift each.  The past couple years, we’ve had to bring a trailer to Christmas to transport our loot back home.  For real.  Then it takes six months to open and store all the new toys, I have to completely rearrange my house, and the kids think that’s what Christmas is all about.  No more, I said!  The grandparents did great this year – a few really cool things for each kid, everyone had fun, and no matter what day or where we celebrated, Santa Claus managed to arrive first. The magic of Santa might be a little harder to explain next year.  Trevor has informed me that he’s  “never seen a flying reindeer.”  To my knowledge, he’s never seen a reindeer, period, so whatever, man.

This post is for our family’s blog scrapbook.  Stop reading now if you could care less about my kids’ red and white pajamas.  But belated Merry Christmas anyway!  Only 356 days to get your shopping done for next year…

Lee grandkidsThe Lee grandkids with their Grammy and Papa.  2 of 5 looking at the camera – success!  Colt (16 mos), Claire (22 mos), Hudson (9 mos), Trevor (17* years old), and Paxton (17* years old).  *All 3-year olds think they are 17.

DollhouseThe amazing three story doll house my dad built for my niece, Pax.  A big hit at the Lee family Christmas.  Pax is consulting with an interior designer for wall paper and paint colors.

Party in the tubThese four were pumping their fists and chanting, “Party in the tub!”  If your tub doesn’t have disco lights, it’s time to invest.


When road tripping across states with toddlers, it’s imperative to stop at the food court and load them up with sugar.  Baby’s first milkshake.

Burrus boys

A true Christmas miracle:  We stopped at a convenience store for snacks one morning and noticed our best friends, Kinsey and Dillon, pumping gas at the same place!  The boys wrestled in the store, Claire ate 5 powdered donuts, and everyone was full of joy.

Bellah grandkids

Wanna know how hard it is to capture these four cousins in a picture? THIS hard.  Our twin cousins, Greer and Ford (18 mos), with Trev and Claire.  Next year we’ll have a 4 year old,  3 two-year olds, a 10 month old, and who knows what else at Bellah Christmas…you can find me in the closet with a box of Franzia.

Claire and Pax

The parenting goal of Christmas this year:  GO TO SLEEP.  Just GO. TO. SLEEP. CLAIRE.

Me and claire

This is my maternity outfit of the season, get over it.  And sweet Claire on Christmas Eve at my parents’ place.  Props to my sister Tab for the photog.

I’m thinking about a New Year’s post in a couple weeks; that’s the kind of blogger I am.  But we’re having a baby, you know.   I’m kinda busy.


3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from the Family

  1. ❤️❤️❤️ Lots of kids, lots of fun, no trailor needed! We should of taken a picture of the 9 kids at Papa’s.

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