The Baby Bump

Not sure what you’ve been up to, but we are prepping for Baby Bellah, Volume 3 (BB3) in our house and things have changed this past week. We’ve been so busy traveling and being sick and going to doctor appointments and ranch rodeos lately that I didn’t have the mental energy to wrap my brain around the fact that a newborn will be moving in with us in two weeks or less and I will have five times as much laundry to do.

But we’ve spent the last week in a snowy cocoon at home and it’s exciting getting ready for the newest, tiniest, freshest member of the family. I so enjoy this part of pregnancy. I feel pretty good, I’m excited about what’s ahead, people answer the phone when I call, and there’s just so much to look forward to! Laurie told Matt that he must now preface every call to her with, “Michelle is [is not] in labor,” and then he may continue.

family at rodeoWho wants to go to a ranch rodeo at 37 weeks pregnant? That’s what I thought.

First on the agenda, we moved Claire to her big girl bed without incident. She likes it! Trevor does, too. They jumped around butt-naked on it the first night with Trevor chanting, “We love our big girl bed!” I spent all free time at home the past month working on C’s big girl, full-size quilt. It’s off to the quilter and I’ve ordered new sheets and a duvet, but in the meantime, she’s sleeping with a comforter from when my sisters and I were little – it’s 22 years old now and other than the fact that Claire refuses any covers whatsoever and has to have her feet out at night like a total weirdo, I’d say she loves it.


inbedBrother making sure the bed meets Princess Claire standards.

Second, Matt and I masterfully manipulated a conversation to lead Trevor into thinking that he invited BB3 to be his roommate. Since T’s a hard sleeper (due to lack of napping, no doubt), we don’t think the baby would wake him like it would Claire. We have three bedrooms upstairs and two downstairs, so Trevor’s first idea was to put the baby in the basement so we wouldn’t hear it crying, but eventually we got around to the invitation for baby to sleep in his room. So, we dismantled and remantled the crib and rearranged Trevor’s room and cleaned out closets and now their room is all ready. Oh, except that I realized the baby has no dresser, changing table, closet, or clothing to go with the crib. Oopsie.  I’ve never done a nursery before. We didn’t find out the gender of any of these kids, so for the first two, my aunt and cousin were discreetly mailed the info from the doctor’s office and they created the most beautiful nurseries in the world for us, then shut and locked the doors until we got home from the hospital. It was crazy and fun and awesome! So I forgot a few details…sorry, Third Kid.

bedtimestoryBedtime story with T, C, and the Bump.

This weekend, our cousin Kristen and Laurie came over to play and help me clean and cook and rest for the day. Yesterday, Laurie took T and C to her house and I napped for a couple hours. This week, Kins is coming to spend the night, and then my mom will come to stay until baby arrives. Earlier this month we were iced in at Matt’s parents’ and I didn’t lift a finger the entire week. Why? Because I have the best friends and family you’ve ever heard of, that’s why. They regularly volunteer to help us and they’re super cool! My people are the best people.

So since this is the end of pregnancy and the beginning of life with even fewer operating brain cells, let’s go ahead and do the typical pregnancy blog stats, shall we? I’ve seen these on other blogs and for some reason can’t ever resist reading them.

Weeks: 38 and a halfish

Baby is the size of: A melon? Sure.

Food Cravings: Not allowed when you live 40 miles from town.

Total weight gain: None of your business, Nosy.

Stretch Marks: Why do girls feel the need to post about these on blogs?

Hair: Brushed once, about 38 weeks ago.

Worries: We live two hours from the hospital – contractions hurt.

Most Frightening Realization:  There is no maternity leave for stay at home moms!

Looking forward to: The gender reveal!

Names: Just can’t commit…but we have a short list.

Trevor: Wants a little brother. We may have told him the baby is a fish.

Claire: Pushes her baby dolls around in their stroller all day, I’d say she’s excited.

carseatbabiesNew phase:  we can’t leave the house without her babies.  If only New Baby could legally ride in Claire’s lap, too.

That’s it. The pregnancy post. Matt and I couldn’t be more excited about this baby, and we both would love for it to be a girl or a boy. He’s off buying a new car today because that’s what men do for baby prep, and also we have 900 Britax car seats to install, buckle, and unbuckle in the next couple years. Will we ever get anywhere??? When I was in labor with Claire, Matt was on the phone half the time selling our house. Someone has to take care of business for this family.

I love newborns especially when they are sleeping, and they don’t last long. With your first baby, you don’t really know what to expect, and you spend most of the time registering for and buying every baby apparatus ever invented…with your third, you know just how much love is coming with the arrival of a new life, and that’s the only thing that really matters. That and the proper swaddling technique.


4 thoughts on “The Baby Bump

  1. This is biggest fan in Canadian, TX. 😉 I just want to let you know that I am praying hard for you and your family. God Bless!

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