Blank Space

I’m on maternity leave from blogging but it turns out I miss writing our franching stories and also brain activity in general. After a couple months off, I can’t actually decide on anything specific to write about, so just bear with me as we get back into the Franch Life with this first day back at work maternity post. My goal is to blog a few more times this year, maybe things will improve.

Here’s what you’ve missed since Kate arrived.

  • A 150-hour sleep deficit (scientifically calculated).

imageLaurie, Kate, and I ran errands in Amarillo the other day.  I dozed off during our pedicures because duh.  Although this may seem like a luxury, let me keep it real.  Kate had literally her first diaper blowout ever ten minutes after the pedi began and I was diaperbagless.  As pictured, she’s sitting in my lap covered in poop and I’m using a burp cloth to mask the evidence while I simultaneously sleep, sweat bullets, and try to enjoy the hot stone massage portion of the hour.  Proof that God is real?  My friend Kim’s mom randomly came in for a pedi five minutes later and went to the car to get the diaper bag for us.  Thank you, Peggy!

kids pjsThese three are not lacking sleep.  At all.  They sleep whenever they feel like it.  They also wake up whenever they feel like it.


  • Eleventy billion diaper changes.

diapersThis box lasted a day or two. I’m not joking.


  • Thirty-thousand photos taken.

kate 1 weekI just can’t resist a tiny baby, big bow, and spontaneous afternoon photo shoot.

  • Twenty-nine-thousand photos deleted due to toddler refusal to participate by fake smiling.

<insert deleted photos here>

  • INFINITY laundry.

laundryMy thoughts exactly, Kate.

  • Daily dress up and tea parties.

claire cowgirlJust a cowgirl and her baby.

tea partyFanciest tea party I’ve ever attended.  Photo cred: Laurie. You can bet she took tea, too.

  • Fifteen or so doctor appointments two hours away (all aboard the car seat train).

kate 6 week checkupKate after her six week shots. Don’t hate, we vaccinate.

mall food courtNo trip to town is complete without a stop at the mall food court.  How did this become my life?  I hate[d] the mall.

  • Several playdates.

boys and ClaireKinsey drove three hours with her boys to come play so we could make an attempt at adult conversation and a bottle of wine.  Attempt successful!  Trevor, Bridger, and Parker are “favorite friends.”

  • Two birthdays.

claire's bday lunchWhen you turn 2 two weeks after your sister is born, you get a grown-up lunch at Abuelo’s to celebrate.

gatorTrevor turned 4 eight days later and got a new Gator.  Which means I got a new outside babysitter, hallelujah. When we were dating I told Matt that I wanted three kids two years apart.  Wish granted.  We get all the birthdays done at once around here.

  • And some Back Time.

kate tummy timeBabies have to do tummy time, in which they lie on their tummies and cry and practice head control.  At 2:00 every day, Mom gets to do Back Time.  That means she lies on the couch on her back, tries not to cry, and works on eyelid control.  Both tummy and back time are extremely short-lived these days.

I love having three kids. It will be super once they all go to sleep at the same time and stay that way for ten consecutive hours. The adorableness meter will shoot through the roof in this house when that happens. I do not love car-seat-buckling sessions, middle of the night diaper changes, and the hours between 5-8:00 pm when Matt is working. This is parenting. Everything is an inconvenience, but nothing is an inconvenience. This is what I do.  Parent.  Three kids.  Errrr day, all day.  I like it.  I like it a lot.


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