April, So Far

We went down to central Texas for Easter weekend to introduce Kate to her extended family and a variety of communicable illnesses. From Thursday to Monday we met up with raw oyster food poisoning (or a severe seafood allergy, you decide), the shingles, hand foot and mouth disease, a third-degree curling iron burn, and the common cold. After waiting their respective incubation periods, each of these viruses has taken at least one and up to three members of our family hostage. Quarantined on the farm with tongue sores, hand blisters, snot, tantrums, and 40 mph April dirt storms…I have reached the limit. Of what, you ask? Sobriety, I say. Pour me another.

Our family isn’t the only one affected by these special invisible treats from the Easter bunny. Some friends of mine, who shall remain nameless, spread the stomach bug to at least ten unsuspecting, previously non-vomiting people at their Easter gathering. The flu is going around again, along with strep. Trevor asked yesterday why God makes us be sick. I fumbled around with a few vague terms like dependence and perseverance, and together we determined it was so we can eat really special foods like Popsicles even when it’s not summer. I highly recommend the Schwan’s Man’s Mango Greek Yogurt Bars for your hand foot and mouth sores.

We’re doling out the Zyrtec again and let me tell all of you with only one kid so far who are just so relieved he never gets sick because you’re breastfeeding for a full year and sharing the antibodies (flashback to myself in 2011): Your time is coming. Kids get sick. If your kid doesn’t actually ever get sick as a toddler, you most likely need to work on his social skills by going out in public every few weeks. And when all the little peeps come home sick from Easter, be sure to hide their candy in a high place and eat it yourself after bedtime. That junk is hard on their tummies.

Other than trying to keep our viruses to ourselves, we’ve been busy here on the franch and have also decided to move into our SUV.  It’s comfortable, roomy, and if we live in it, we won’t have to be loading and unloading our stuff for road trips every five seconds.  So far this month we’ve been to DFW, Throckmorton and Rotan, Amarillo, Pueblo, CO, and have trips planned to Austin and New Jersey real soon.

kids in car seatsThe car seat train continues.  WHAT did the pioneers do without DVD players in their wagons?

trev mega eggTrevor found the Mega Egg (with help from his older cousins).  It’s my responsibility to fill it and return it to next year’s Bellah Cousin Hunt.  I’m thinking live chicks and bunnies…

claire and popClaire and her Pop, eating the candy as soon as they found it. Quality over quantity.

easter family picThree kids all looking and smiling at the camera – I’ll look forward to that in about 2025.

checking heifers

Matt and the minis checking heifers back at the farm.

Claire with cowsSomebody tell Claire that real cowgirls don’t wear pacis.

Trevor on JoeTrevor on Joe, learning to trot.  Or maybe it’s Matt learning to trot.

Trevor on gatorThere’s suddenly no room for Claire on the Gator, he said.

Kate smilingSo far, so healthy.  It’s the shared antibodies, of course.

 So that’s the first half of April 2015. We need rain! And moisture. And mud. And a vacation.


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