Gender Issues

Lately, I’ve noticed this hashtag on Instagram: #boymom.  Moms of boys are tagging their sons’ pics with it, and I’ve even seen it on some [absurd] camo Mom-t-shirts.  This hashtag perplexes me because I’m not sure of the proper etiquette.  Are moms of sons but not daughters the only ones allowed to hash it?  Do I qualify as a #boymom, even though I also have two daughters?  What if you’re the mom of a girl who looks like and is constantly mistaken for a boy, like my own parents’ oldest daughter?

girl Trevor

The female version of Trevor, circa 1985.  Thanks for the cute haircut, Dad.

What is the meaning of #boymom?  To make moms of girls feel inferior?  To say that it’s more difficult and/or more admirable to parent boys?  To say that boys have more fun than girls?  Did these #boymoms have special access to the sperm pool and select the exact XY chromosomal combo they wanted?  Basically, are you better if you’re a #boymom???

In light of these important questions, I spent extensive time researching in order to educate you, lone reader.  Here is the empirical evidence as of today’s date.

#boymom photos on instagram:  170,000

#girlmom photos on instagram:  20,000

So.  It’s not just me…the numbers show what’s going on here, and we need to bring this to light.

Sexual discrimination via hashtag.

Boy moms:  I’m happy for you.  And me, because I have a boy, too.  Girl moms:  We are the classy kind of cool and don’t need a hashtag to explain our child’s gender, obviously. Except for my mom.  The hashtag would have saved her some explaining.

With that said, here are few signs that you might live with a four year old boy.

hanger gateSpontaneous gates going up everywhere.


Cushions on the couch — never.


A Gladware container of smelly drowned worms discovered a few days too late.


Stuffed animals hanging out in the kitchen.

If, in fact, it is determined that you are the mother of a male child, I salute you.  But I’m still not sure you meet all requirements of #boymom.  Don’t order the T-shirt just yet.

NOTICE: All of these images were poorly photographed with my iPhone and not tagged with #boymom on any platform of social media.  We are an equal opportunity family.


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