Family Daycation

It’s summer! Let’s pause a moment to appreciate the best season of the year and all the good drinks to come.  And also these pictures taken in front of our house the other day. Shout out to God for the amazing weather and nine inches of rain the month of May – we don’t know what to do with ourselves out here with all the green and blue and cool temps and snakes.

storm cloudsI’m obsessed with clouds.  You don’t know how much you love them until they disappear for a decade or so.

matt and claire

Claire has been working with Matt almost every day.  Probably because they stop and spin around every once in a while.

Now back to the point of this post. For everyone in Texas driving to the Rockies for vacation this summer, a couple of things:

1. You will pass the turn for the highway to our farm.  Stop by so I can attempt to have an adult conversation.

2. You will pass a hidden treasure of the land of enchantment, the Capulin Volcano. Stop and enjoy the beauty of our state.

We’re between AI-ing cattle and planting a couple milo seeds on the farm this week, so Saturday we began ticking off our New Mexican Bucket List.  This list is short (very short) as a matter fact it wasn’t in existence until I typed that sentence. For the first time since we moved here, we took a little spontaneous family day-cay without running a single errand. This is huge and blogworthy.  We went somewhere just for fun!  We packed a snack picnic and the kids and Laurie and drove an hour northwest to the Capulin Volcano National Monument.  It’s 8000 feet of fresh green pure elevation.

In a new effort to be outdoorsy (Kinsey and her family bought a camper recently and have inspired us to take a trip to REI), I thought the volcano would be a nice introduction to hiking.  All you need to hike with a 4-month old, 2 year old, and 4 year old is a Baby Bjorn, chocolate chip cookies, paved trail, and convenient restrooms.  Any city park will do.  

Turns out this place only an hour from our house is beautiful, clean, cheap, and perfect for kids.  It’s $7 a carload, so as you drive up to Colorado, plan on taking a picnic lunch and eating at the volcano this year.  Take a short detour through Folsom, a tiny old-west town with cool photo ops.  Thank me later for this dose of New Mexican culture. volcanic view

Skyline views. trevor on top of the world

He’s on top of the world, hey!

hiking the rim

The trail around the rim of this ancient volcano is about a mile.  See Matt, Kate, and Trevor?  They’re one of those tree-looking things sticking up, I promise.  To answer your burning question: Yes.  Trevor did relieve himself off the top edge.

claire and laurie cookiesClaire, Laurie, Baby Strebeck, and I didn’t technically hike around the the rim.  There are no hospitals close by in case someone happened to go into labor.

picnic We don’t always snack at volcanoes, but when we do, we eat hummus and blueberries.

baby picnic

Random baby just sitting there.rock climbing

Rock climbers.  See, we are so outdoorsy.

The only near-tantrum of the morning came when Trevor realized there are no actual dinosaur tracks here. Those are down the road at Clayton, and I may have been a little confused when I told him we’d see some.  Matt drew tracks in the dirt to avoid a full-on fit, but anyone who watches Dino Dan knows the difference between fossils and fresh prints.

In addition to the volcano, my NMBL (New Mexican Bucket List, duh) includes a trip to Santa Fe and maybe the Grand Canyon.  The Grand Canyon is in Arizona but it seems like we’re close to it.  Plus I can’t think of anything else to do here that we can’t do in Texas or Colorado and those states are better.

Hope to see you this summer, pulling into our driveway with your kayaks and bikes tied on top.  Text first so I can pack a bag for my kids – they’d love to go with you.


4 thoughts on “Family Daycation

  1. I absolutely love reading about you and your precious family. It always brings a smile to my face and warms heart! You are awesome!

  2. While at Folsom, did you go to the falls? Pretty cool snack place too. You should add Sugarite SP at Raton to your NM list….cool self guided mine tour. I guess I drove past your farm twice last week on a road trip from west of Friona to Idaho and back. I love your cloud pics….I remember 2011 when we passed the whole summer w/o seeing even one cloud….it was a glimpse of hell.

    1. Wait wait wait! What falls?? I haven’t heard of these or Sugarite. We are the worst New Mexicans. Adding to our list. (We bought our farm in 2012, a year with 4″ of rain here – seriously was hell. We don’t take clouds for granted anymore.) Next time, stop by when you’re in the greater Sedan area. Fo rizzle. Would love to see you.

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