The Summer is Young

I’m a terrible summer blogger.   I thought about scrapping this whole blog altogether – either write or don’t write, the pressure is too much! – but then I remembered my big plans for a lovely bound book of blog posts from our time living on a farm in New Mexico, so, alas….the first paragraph of a post I do not have time to write.   What are my days so full of that I don’t have time to bang out a few words?

A baby, a toddler, and a big kid, for starters. “Summertime and the livin’ is easy,” I used to say, perched on the forward seat of my dad’s pontoon boat.  One time Matt and I went to Europe for three weeks during the summer.  Another couple times we went to Honduras and scuba dove (is that a thing, scuba doving?). We took Trevor and Claire to the beach when Claire was Kate’s age. When we lived in a town long long ago, summer nights were spent on our patio sampling the best the Party Stop had to offer. That was then.

Trevor and Claire nosesChances of a vacation with these two and a baby?  Exactly.

Summertime on a farm forty miles from the nearest pool, snow cone stand, Dollar General, or park?  With one kid who thinks he’s 14 and whines about being bored all day, one kid who has discovered new legs and new dance moves and new volumes of demanding all the things, and one five month old who has decided naps are for weenies? By the time I get the breakfast dishes put away, they are requesting popsicles. By the time I get sunscreen on their little wiggly heads, they are ready to come back inside. By the time I get the baby to sleep and the laundry started, oh, wait… the baby is awake again.

Suffice it to say, summertime with three kids ages 4 and under and the livin’ is not easy.  It’s fun, in a hassle-full way.  It’s joyful, in an exhausting way.  It’s painful, in a way that makes my back hurt and my right arm go numb from holding my iPhone out of reach of these little grabbers in an attempt to connect with outsiders and see all the great vacations everyone on Instagram is taking. The other day I had the chance to get my hair cut all by myself. Vacation taken.

There will be plenty of summers in which we go to the lake on the 4th of July. This year Trevor contracted some horrid, feverish genetic mutation of a virus and strep throat the day before we were to leave for a long weekend of patriotic fun.   Never make advance plans or talk about them on the phone when you have kids.  It’s best to cheat the germs by deciding that morning to go on a trip, before they have time to gather and incubate.

So, back to blogging and posting low-quality photos for my future book.  There have been some really great things about this season in Sedan!

The Lone RangerThe Lone Ranger on the prowl.

Claire on 4 wheelerClaire Bellah, our newest and cutest franch hand.

Car washingShe also washes cars.  At least the lower 12″ of them.  Summer is for working.

Not asleepThis baby in summer clothes.  Not asleep.

Trevor soil castleThis kid in winter clothes because he REFUSES to wear any of the shorts I bought him.  “My dad doesn’t wear shorts,” he argues.  And who needs the beach when you can build a potting soil castle?

Baby GrahamAnd the real bestest thing to happen so far?  This little fox, baby Graham, our new neighbor and nephew! So so so happy for Laurie being a mom to her own kid now and not just mine!

Matt and I realized last night that since we aren’t employed by schools, our kids aren’t enrolled in school, and the school calendar has no bearing on our lives whatsoever…this summer has only just begun!   We have until September to get our base tans, eat snow cones, and stay up late on the patio.  Except that staying up late part. And that patio part.  Oh, and that snow cone part.

clouds and sun

But it is sometimes quite nice in New Mexico.


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