Yes Parents, The Mouse House, and a Summer Montage

In case you’re wondering, today is August 3.  What!  Not allowed, Time.  Slow down immediately.  Hashtag BellahSummer2015 has been in full swing since we’ve recovered from the 4th of the July Plague, and basically, Matt and I have become YES parents.

My sister Tab and Andy, one Friday morning:  Hey, do you guys want to go to the mountains today?

Matt and Michelle:  YES.

My sister Sam and Gareth:  Hey, can Trevor come to VBS with Paxton at our church six hours away?

Matt and Michelle: YES.

Grammy and Papa:  Hey, do you guys want to get a hotel room in Lubbock and let the kids swim?

Matt and Michelle:  YES.

Laurie and Layne: Hey, Layne bought a boat.  Do you guys want to go rent a house at Ute Lake?

Matt and Michelle:  YES.

Our friends April and Derek:  Hey, we’re swimming in our pool, do you guys want to join?

Matt and Michelle:  YES.

My friend Rebecca:  Hey, my kids are nuts today, wanna have a kiddie pool party?

Matt and Michelle: YES.

My friends Kinsey, Kali, and Kim:  Hey, can Michelle come to town for a girls’ day while you babysit?

Matt: YES.

Obviously, we say “y’all”, not “you guys,” but I try to keep it sophisticated here on the blog.  We have been all over Texas and New Mexico lately because when you live in Sedan in the summer, there are only three things to do:  catch frogs, splash in the kiddie pool, and set mouse traps in the basement.  Anyone else have a rodent problem this summer? Because I’ll tell you who does:  the golf course at Ute Lake.

We rented a beautiful house out there to stay in for a night and try out Layne’s new used boat.  Laurie made all kinds of good summer party food, which I did not help with because I was busy sitting on the patio and getting pedicures with my friends in Amarillo the day before (it’s hard to be me) and we took all of our swim gear, toys, and golf clubs to go spend a night vacating.  Our time in this nice clean lake house started with a bang, literally, when I was mixing up the vodka and stuff and the blender exploded.  I’m not sure exactly what happened, but I think you shouldn’t put Sprite in a blender.  I also think you shouldn’t buy cheap paper towels because they do NOT soak up large volumes of liquid from granite countertops.

Whatever, a good time was ahead, and the kids were excited to buckle their Puddlejumpers and get on the boat.  Oh, wait. What’s that, Layne?  The boat won’t start?  Ah. The boat won’t start.  Ok, cool.  We’ll just swim in the lake, float in the tube, and pretend like it’s moving.  Trevor, stop crying, it’s just as fun!  And it was.  Swimming in a lake is good for the soul.  We had the boat dock all to ourselves and Trevor perfected his cannonball technique while I perfected my lifejacket-as-an-air-mattress-floatie technique and Matt swam around trying to find the warm spots.  Ute Lake is chilly!

Anyway, we ran amok on the golf course for a bit later, and by ran, I mean literally, from the mosquitos, and had a great time enjoying the evening.  Trevor said it was very “sunsettish.”  I made a pallet on the floor for the kids when we returned to our lovely rental, and I was getting ready for bed when a little mouse friend darted past my feet in the bathroom.  Ummmm. No. No way. Not happening.  I calmly and very maturely asked Matt and Layne to remove our visitor from the home.  As we were standing in the living room, another mouse darted out of the fireplace, down the hearth, across the living room, and into the kitchen.  The nerve of these rodents!  And just as we had imagined when booking the place, we [the guys] spent the night tracking down mouse traps from the pro shop, building tiny trails of cheese across the tile floor, and sleeping with the kids’ feet in our faces because I don’t know who you are, but my precious babes are not sleeping on the floor with mice crawling all over them.  A good time was had by all.

mouse quiz

I think the rats are out from all the rain we’ve had this summer.  What I mean by this is: best summer ever! It’s been raining! Big thanks to God for the AMAZING weather we’ve had in New Mexico lately, big thanks to our friends and family for making this summer pretty dang fun, and big thanks to Kate for finally taking a bottle and allowing me a tiny bit of free time.  As with every waking day with young children, nothing is perfect.  We’ve stayed up too late, endured numerous tantrums (from the kids, too), spent too much time in the car, changed dirty diapers at every. single. restaurant., and had total meltdowns over Nick Jr changing up their programming.  It’s been real, and it’s been real fun.

trevor and claire play golfClaire and her baby are not impressed.

matt and layne hit golf ballsMatt and Layne hit mice into the lake.  Not really.  But I wish.

trevor catches a perchTrevor caught perch with a giant fishing pole because his mom forgot his fishing pole and tackle box, one of the many #momfails of the trip.  Also forgotten: Benadryl.  Never leave home without it.

angel fire blowing bubblesAngel Fire weekend with Tab and Andy was a success all around! Which is why there is no specific blog post about it:  when things go well, it’s not funny.  True story.

kate at angel fireKate, however, thinks everything is funny!

Greer and Claire swingingClaire and her cousin Greer, backyard partying.

trevor stick horse rodeoNo summer is complete without at least one rodeo.  Cowboy T in the XIT Stick Horse competition, where immediately after this, he rode a sheep for 5.4 seconds until it bucked him off.  This is called mutton busting, and entails tiny people wearing helmets and vests, hanging on to sheep for dear life, and eventually falling off in the dirt. Loads of fun.  It happened so fast I didn’t get a picture, but he was bucked hard and ended up with a bloody nose, a sore arm, and a considerable bruise on the hip.  That’s my boy!

sun sets over sedanAnd here’s your average Sedan sunset.  But seriously.


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