August, Trevor Style

According to my blog, which you are currently reading (unfortunately or not), I last posted August 3.  It’s August 28 and we’ve had a whirlwind of a month.  Things that are new since our last chat here:

  • My mom’s right hip
  • Claire’s decibel level and frequency of demands
  • Kate’s mobility
  • Trevor’s role as a Pre-Kindergartener
  • Trevor’s first trophy, topped with a gold goat
  • Trevor’s vocabulary, which has expanded to include the word “butthead”

Now that I think about it, it really has been the Month of Trevor around here. Last year after the Wichita Falls Ranch Rodeo, he picked up a brochure in the motel advertising Yogi Bear Land, an RV Park/family fun campground that he bugged us about going to for six months until I finally hid the pamphlet safely in the trashcan. It has really been his dream in life to go there, and his amazing Grandmom made it a reality this month.  She took Trevor to that hot hot place in the sun with only three mesquite trees for shade and walked the maze and splash pad and watched Yogi Bear episodes and explained, in fact, who Yogi Bear even is.

Then she and Pop took Trevor to the WFRR again, as we opted out since Matt wasn’t participating and I am tired.  Trevor entered up in the Goat Marking, 5-8 year old division, and his team, which consisted of him, a 4 year old girl, and our 6 year old cousin Big Claire, won it all.  Beginner’s luck?  Pure Goat Marking talent?  I don’t know, but there was one downfall, as we were made aware of when T brought his prize home.

Matt and I:  Way to go Trevor! That’s an awesome trophy!

Trevor:  Yeah, it’s not real gold, though.

goat marker team

I suppose even kid’s trophy makers are hurting in this economy.  Trevor also competed in the big Dalhart XIT Stick Horse Rodeo earlier this month, where he was awarded a Participant Ribbon, and then he rode a sheep for 5.4 seconds until it bucked him off in the dirt.  It was a shame, as he had a death grip on that wool, and may have even won the whole thing if the sheep would have kept running instead of bucking.  We were beyond proud of the bloody nose and sore ribs our barely-not-a-toddler son sustained.

Side Note for my Chicago readers: this is called “Mutton Bustin'” – it’s a real competition in which little boys don helmets and vests and ride a sheep as long as they can in a dirt-filled rodeo arena while their parents film it on iPhones and clap and cheer.  It’s weird to me, too.

As per our August tradition, we’ve dragged/drang/drugged our kids all over the northern half of the state of Texas.

Side Note: Did you hear about the daycare in Oklahoma that was shut down this week for Benadryl-ing children to make them sleep?  This is a terrible, no good, rotten childcare technique that I would NEVER employ on an 8 hour drive with 3 children.  Despicable.

Kate helped my mom in the hospital when she underwent hip replacement surgery in Dallas.  This surgery is surprisingly fast and one’s hip immediately stops hurting after the surgeon removes it from one’s body.  Titanium hips do not include pain cells.  Modern marvels.

Claire hasn’t been wearing her orthotics because it was 104 degrees with 498% humidity down south, and the braces started smelling like swamp.  So we are taking a month off and she is running around like a banshee in her pink Crocs.  Kate fears for her own life a majority of the day, as Claire crashes into and drops things and falls down all over the place, all day.

Trevor, as aforementioned, started Pre-K on Monday.  It’s only half a day, he rides the bus to the school 20 minutes away, and he has made several friends already, two of his favorites being “the guy in the orange shirt” and Fernando.

Side Note: Pray for Ms McGee. There are 11 PreK-ers plus Trevor, which equals 25.

T only likes to wear “work clothes,” which are Wranglers, boots, and a button-down long sleeve shirt.  It’s been a battle this summer to force him to wear all the cute shorts and T-shirts I wasted money on, but I managed to con him into wearing a nice little school shirt and shorts the first day.  His report on the ride home:

Trevor:  I was the only kid wearing shorts.  The other kids were wearing jeans… But they speak Spanish, so I bet it’s cold where they come from.

Obviously, he’s already getting a great education that may include a second language acquisition.  For the record, I’m positive that his response to me asking him to pick up toys yesterday (“Okay, butthead”) was not learned in Ms. McGee’s class.

So, it’s August 28.  Kate is seven months old today.  Matt and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary on the 6th. Football season is upon us!  It’s a good time to be alive.  Kinsey’s husband Dillon recently had this interaction with a stranger in the Tractor Supply parking lot.

Dillon:  Hi, how are you today?

[Much] Older gentleman:  Son, every day above ground is a holiday.

So, happy holiday!  We’ll meet again in September, which I just decided, as I type this, will be my Blog Month. You can for sure expect at least 3 posts.

matt and michelle selfie

Our first selfie as a couple, on date night for our anniversary.  Our kind neighbors kept all 3 munchkins so we could drive to Dalhart to eat.  Married 10, with at least eight of the best years of our lives…

first day of peek

First Day of PreK. Dennis the Menace? Kevin McAllister?  The Beav? Yes.

roping 101

We’re really getting into the rodeo thing around here.  Western attire not required.

trevor roping the dummy

Doesn’t every 4 year old spend his evenings roping an old bale of hay with a plastic cow head attached?

matt dillon and sons

Our annual summer trip to visit Kins and Dillon and their boys, brainwashing our sons to be best friends from an early age and college roommates in…way too few years.

FishAnd this 2-pound bass that T caught while fishing one morning with his dad and Great-Grandad. Because that’s how it works, right? Stick a line in, catch a big fish in 10 minutes, go home.





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