September Recap

It’s in the 50s in Sedan this morning and the date is October 1, in case you’re blind and deaf and none of your friends on Facebook told you how happy they are that it’s their favorite month of the year.  My brother-in-law Andy once told me that October is a good enough reason to live in the Panhandle. Thanks, God, for the great idea of October!  It’s amazing here this time of year, except between the minutes of 4:00 and 4:10 PM, during which you sweat it out in your hot car waiting for the heater left blasting in the morning to turn into the AC necessary at this point. Loving October is the trendy thing to do.  Let’s all pause a moment to ponder what we’ll do this month: cook soup, watch football, Race for the Cure, and sew our kids’ homemade Halloween costumes.

However.  We need to talk about September first.  So many things I had to say this past month that never got wroted about. Let’s recap so I’ll feel better about life and we can move into Blogtober.

We live in the middle of nowhere.  Some dudes stole a pickup truck in a town nearby, drove it out to the middle of nowhere, and burned that thing to the ground.  Melted it.  Nothing left but a shell.  Where is the middle of nowhere, far enough to burn a vehicle in privacy at 4 AM? On the dirt road 50 yards from our house.  Luckily, these were professional biker gang types who know how to efficiently burn something without catching a whole field on fire.  A couple feet away was one of our wells on a wheat field, and Matt would not have been happy had either of those burned, much less our house.  To be fair, we don’t have an outside guard light, so they probably didn’t realize they were committing a felony [practically] in our yard.  I feel sure these guys are kind at heart, and would have driven a teeny bit further had they known.

2015 milo field

Our middle of nowhere milo field.  It’s really this beautiful.

milo field

ditch lakeSeptember was bone dry until the 24th…then, it rained 4.8″ over two days. Reread that sentence.  Yep.  Flooded our gourd patch. We are so thankful for this rain!

Mud scootingMudding on the scooter.  Or, Farm Kid Probs.

My nephew collection is growing at an alarming rate. In the past two years, I’ve garnered four adorable nephews.  In the next few months, I’ll have two more!  Six nephews and two nieces is my current total. Kate will have three younger boy cousins to keep in line. I love all these boys and can’t wait to meet the new little guys in January.  My sisters, Tab and Sam, are due a couple weeks apart and I’m so excited for them more wine for me when we get together. I also recently realized that my mom was 38 years old when I graduated high school, but I will be 38 when Kate starts kindergarten. Which leads me to the next September bullet point:

I turned 33. Let’s rewind 10 years and tell Little Michelle that at age 33, she would live in the aforementioned middle of nowhere, have curly hair, own a corn farm, and enjoy a prolific quilting hobby. This is laughable. There is not one reasonable or believable item in the previous sentence. I would have run for cover had anyone mentioned my future. But…whatever. It’s a good life. I took a class with my friends a few years ago and learned to quilt so I could make handmade stuff for my kids. Matt thought it would be a great idea to farm corn a few years ago, with absolutely no experience, expertise, or rationality for doing so. I delivered two girls and the hormones curled my hair. We live in a farm house previously occupied by a nice Mennonite couple. Someone want to tell me what life will bring at 43? PLEASE. DO. NOT.

Trevor and nephewsTrevor with two of his boy cousins, Colt and Hudson. Let’s talk about Trevor’s pajamas.  These brown pants are leggings.  It’s not his fault.  Carter’s, stop making legging pajamas above size 3T.  We only allowed Trevor to wear these for the sake of comedy.  Strangers in the hotel laughed when sported these at breakfast.

playing doctorTrevor playing doctor with his cousins Paxton and Colt.  Note the leggings?  Also note that they are playing in the smoking booth of the hotel pavilion.  It was a great weekend in Lubbock.

We’ve been everywhere, man. I feel sure that my children’s primary memories of early childhood will be the view from their car seats. We drag these kids all over the place. We went to Clovis to celebrate baby Graham, we went to Lubbock to spend the weekend at a hotel with my family, we went to Throckmorton via a football game for Matt to help his dad for a few days and got home at 12:30 last night…just your average month with 8-9 mega road trips. I tried potty training my much-too-old-to-wear-diapers daughter, but we left the house so much that it simply couldn’t be done. I tried to be kind and patient on road trips, but my much-too-old-to-still-have-a-pacifier daughter screamed and cried when she lost hers and we stopped at every Dollar General in west Texas to find the right replacement. I tried to be Fun Crafty Mom and read stories and play games with my kids, but my much-too-old-to-be-waking-up-at-night daughter leeched all my energy between the hours of 12-6 AM, so we watched a lot of Nick, Jr.

trevor car seatSometimes the baby needs car seat entertainment.

Fine. I will do better next month…it’s October, after all. Everything is amazing in October.


2 thoughts on “September Recap

  1. I absolutely love your outlook! I get so excited when I see your new blog appear! You are a fab wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend. Keep up the great work and enjoy October! 😊

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