October: Attack of the Wasps, Tree Nuts, and Wild Indians

Time for the monthly blog update. Let me start with things I hate about fall. Sacrilege! I said “hate” and “fall” in the same sentence. Don’t tell all the other middle class white girls sweating under their plaid blanket scarves.

  1. It’s cold when I put my knee-high riding boots on in the morning; it’s 1000 degrees at lunchtime and my skinnies are stuck to my legs.
  1. The flies. THE FLIES!!!
  1. The wasps. There’s a plague here and we are currently held hostage in our home, I’m not exaggerating at all. A horde of wasps at the back door swarms the deck every afternoon. This week I put on wasp boots (or, WalMart rain boots) and a bee suit (or, a windbreaker with a hood) and sprayed the back of the house with PineSol while ducking and dodging kamikaze wasps and three little kids watched [their insane mother] from behind the glass. Pinterest says this home remedy keeps bugs away. What it does is keep the weak non-annoying bugs away.  Wasps don’t care about PineSol…but the back door smells fresh and clean.
  1. Daylight Savings Time with toddlers. Also, Daylight Savings Time when you live in the Mountain Time Zone but go by Central Standard Time and now it’s dark at 4PM Central and all three kids are awake at 4AM Mountain. Figure that out and get back to me.
  1. The pressure to get Christmas shopping done. Enough already, Sidebar Ads on Webpages!! Amazon has 2-day shipping and Zappos is overnight – we all have plenty of time to get it done. Now go bake some pumpkin bread and make a pecan pie for Thanksgiving.

Speaking of pecans (terrible segue, I know), here’s the latest in our family: Trevor has a tree nut allergy.  If you are related to us or see us often or will see us over the holidays, be aware: TREVOR HAS A TREE NUT ALLERGY!

I admit: all these children’s allergies have held me skeptical over the years.  I mean, why is every kid suddenly allergic to every thing?  Our generation was obviously tougher than all these ninnies today.  Seems silly.  Seems like helicopter parenting. Seems like Munchhausen Syndrome.  Parents!  Your kids are fine, stop going berserk and doling out Epi-pens like candy at school parties.

This was all Before Tree Nut Allergy (BTNA).  If your child says sometime, “I don’t like nuts,” you might ask him why.  If he replies something along the lines of, “they make my tongue itch,” or “they make my stomach hurt,” maybe don’t force him to eat nuts, Mom.   I have legit mom-guilt now over never once having baked chocolate chip cookies without pecans.

Anyway, Trevor’s symptoms, now that I look back, started with itchy tongue and mouth, then his “ears stopped up,” and now he projectile vomits within minutes after consuming a tree nut.  Next stop: swelling of the airways.  Last week when his tongue went crazy and he vomited after eating one pistachio, I became concerned that something was amiss. Tabitha helped recall that I accused Trev of being a weenie after puking up a cashew that Uncle Andy forced him to eat this summer.  Armed with this recognition, we hauled him to the doctor and confirmed the allergy, and the importance of Epi-pens, and the importance of calling 911 if he eats another cashew or pistachio, specifically.  No Nutella for you, Trevor!

Side Note: I don’t know for sure what’s causing childhood allergies like this, but it’s probably vaccinations. Somebody call Jenny McCarthy.

Other than Trevor’s reactions, the month of October was so good to us. The weather has been amazing, Matt hasn’t been working eight days a week like previous Octobers when we’ve harvested corn, and also, Halloween.

Halloween with small children is like a little reward.  I love it!  I love seeing kids all dressed up and running around. I love Facebook on Halloween night.  We, along with three cousins, went as a tribe of wild Indians this year.  Matt set up a teepee for our church’s Trunk or Treat and we had the best time sitting on the flatbed and handing out candy and taking pics. Kate and two of her little boy cousins were the three cutest baby Indians you’ve ever seen.  I’m already working on manipulating Trevor for a costume theme next year. I just have to make him think it’s his idea and he’s all in.  (Wives everywhere: this is a life lesson.)

6 little indians       From Left:  Our cousin Kristen with Baby Trey, Baby Graham, Claire, Trevor, Colt, Baby Kate, my sister Tab (Colt’s mom).   Tab is 6 months along with a future Indian, she is clearly a gigantic preggo.

eating candyClaire and her two year old cousin Colt eating candy as fast as they could shove it in their mouths.  It’s like at Christmas: give a two year old a present, take it away, make them open the next one; it’s cruel.  Application:  two year olds only need one present and one or two pieces of candy per holiday.

laurie graham kate matt

Two little Indian cousins from the Sedan tribe.  #NewMexicanbabies

Hope your October was just as great as ours!  I’m serious this time, more blogs to come in November.  I have a lot to talk about, it’s just that the little dictators don’t allow me to finish thinking a thought, much less type it out.  There is currently a wiggly baby in my lap, a stuffed dog in my face, and a two year old squawking about snack time in my ear. Best days of my life!


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