Fresh List, Vol IV

You’re not going to believe it, but one of our favorite words of 2014 was banished from 2015.  According to the recommendations made here, bae was no longer an acceptable term, as of a year ago, which is just now news to me because of my geographical disadvantage.  Along with a full list of other words … More Fresh List, Vol IV

Milo Calling

Back in June, Matt and Layne planted our summer crop of milo, aka grain sorghum.  It’s like corn, only shorter. And more grain-y-ish.  And better.  Let’s say corn and milo are sisters.  Corn is the tall, thin, blonde, high-maintenance daughter demanding attention and being all dramatic, while milo is the laid-back tomboy sister nobody notices until she goes … More Milo Calling

October: Attack of the Wasps, Tree Nuts, and Wild Indians

Time for the monthly blog update. Let me start with things I hate about fall. Sacrilege! I said “hate” and “fall” in the same sentence. Don’t tell all the other middle class white girls sweating under their plaid blanket scarves. It’s cold when I put my knee-high riding boots on in the morning; it’s 1000 … More October: Attack of the Wasps, Tree Nuts, and Wild Indians

September Recap

It’s in the 50s in Sedan this morning and the date is October 1, in case you’re blind and deaf and none of your friends on Facebook told you how happy they are that it’s their favorite month of the year.  My brother-in-law Andy once told me that October is a good enough reason to … More September Recap