The Wind Caught It

This morning Trevor and I played Frisbee in the backyard. I’m quite terrible at Frisbee, but compared to T, I’m like a world champion. We basically just chased a blue Frisbee around the yard. Trev’s favorite part was when the wind would intercept one of our tosses and send the Frisbee spinning straight up in … More The Wind Caught It

More Heart, Less Attack

I watched the sunrise from our office window this morning, fascinated by how fast that thing comes up. For a few minutes, everything is purple and gray, and you can stare right at the sun without your homemade eclipse glasses. Then it’s peeking through, climbing high, changing everything from gray to gold. Suddenly, it’s broad daylight … More More Heart, Less Attack

Building Windurance

Me:  “Trevor, see all this dirt and wind? This is baaaaaad news for farmers.” T:  “Well, God can stop the wind with his sword.” Me:  “You’re right, he just has to tell it to stop.  But sometimes, he uses the wind to make us stronger.  He’s here with us, even when it’s windy.” T:  “Yep, … More Building Windurance