Labor Day, Literally

It’s Labor Day! The day that used to be part of my favorite weekend, back when I was a kid and my sister Tab’s and my birthday party was this weekend at Lake Brownwood every year, following our dad’s Friday night football game.  We are always one year apart in age for 8 days in … More Labor Day, Literally

Life in the Farm Lane

An Update The past couple weeks have been hectic, fast-paced, non-stop, and full steam ahead here on the franch. For Matt and Layne, anyway. I’ve mostly been eating individually-wrapped World Market chocolates and taking bubble baths. We have several different farming entities here on the New Mexico state line that all work together, and they … More Life in the Farm Lane

That Time We Took a Bull to a Birthday Party and Other Stuff

On Monday, it rained 7/10 of an inch here, so that was weird. We’re up to 7” total for the year and grateful for every drop.   Since Monday, with an unusually cool and wet July afternoon starting off the week, things have been kinda strange. On Tuesday, I took my car to the post office … More That Time We Took a Bull to a Birthday Party and Other Stuff

The Glamour Continues

We survived! Literally and figuratively, all of the Bellah Strebeck Land and Cattle employees, families, and animals are alive. Laurie and I fed 62 meals to people over the past two weeks, Trevor wore Wranglers every minute of every day, Claire can tell us what a cow says (mmmmmmm, no oooooo), and Matt is scarred … More The Glamour Continues