Milo Calling

Back in June, Matt and Layne planted our summer crop of milo, aka grain sorghum.  It’s like corn, only shorter. And more grain-y-ish.  And better.  Let’s say corn and milo are sisters.  Corn is the tall, thin, blonde, high-maintenance daughter demanding attention and being all dramatic, while milo is the laid-back tomboy sister nobody notices until she goes … More Milo Calling

Corn Watch ’14

Week 1 Meet our newborn corn.  It’s two weeks old, 4-5″ tall, and growing like a very expensive weed.  Each week I will (might) post a photo of this corn and by the end of the summer, you’ll be impressed.   This is our most recently planted circle, which Matt and Layne squeezed in between the … More Corn Watch ’14