October: Attack of the Wasps, Tree Nuts, and Wild Indians

Time for the monthly blog update. Let me start with things I hate about fall. Sacrilege! I said “hate” and “fall” in the same sentence. Don’t tell all the other middle class white girls sweating under their plaid blanket scarves. It’s cold when I put my knee-high riding boots on in the morning; it’s 1000 … More October: Attack of the Wasps, Tree Nuts, and Wild Indians

September Recap

It’s in the 50s in Sedan this morning and the date is October 1, in case you’re blind and deaf and none of your friends on Facebook told you how happy they are that it’s their favorite month of the year.  My brother-in-law Andy once told me that October is a good enough reason to … More September Recap

Blank Space

I’m on maternity leave from blogging but it turns out I miss writing our franching stories and also brain activity in general. After a couple months off, I can’t actually decide on anything specific to write about, so just bear with me as we get back into the Franch Life with this first day back at … More Blank Space

The Baby Bump

Not sure what you’ve been up to, but we are prepping for Baby Bellah, Volume 3 (BB3) in our house and things have changed this past week. We’ve been so busy traveling and being sick and going to doctor appointments and ranch rodeos lately that I didn’t have the mental energy to wrap my brain around … More The Baby Bump

Our Kids

Matt and I have two blonde-headed, blue-eyed kids. One of them has a strong-willed personality with a witty sense of humor and the other is a sassy, button-nosed cutie with tiny feet who falls down a lot. One of them is my twin, and the other favors her daddy. Trev in 1983 and in 2012. … More Our Kids