Farm Kid Probs

Poor little Trevor and Claire and their geographical disadvantage. Cue the invisible violin: It’s hard living on the prairie. Is there a scholarship for this hardship?   These kids miss out on really important suburban life things like brunch, sidewalks, and Saturday morning donuts. They never get to go to the park, and when they read … More Farm Kid Probs

Our Kids

Matt and I have two blonde-headed, blue-eyed kids. One of them has a strong-willed personality with a witty sense of humor and the other is a sassy, button-nosed cutie with tiny feet who falls down a lot. One of them is my twin, and the other favors her daddy. Trev in 1983 and in 2012. … More Our Kids

That Time We Took a Bull to a Birthday Party and Other Stuff

On Monday, it rained 7/10 of an inch here, so that was weird. We’re up to 7” total for the year and grateful for every drop.   Since Monday, with an unusually cool and wet July afternoon starting off the week, things have been kinda strange. On Tuesday, I took my car to the post office … More That Time We Took a Bull to a Birthday Party and Other Stuff

Summer in Sedan

Summer is in full swing, but summer in Sedan is a bit different than summer on the beach, the lake, the river, the pond, the pool….basically any body of water one could sit next to and read a trashy novel and feel a sense of burning skin and relaxation. As I think I’ve made clear, … More Summer in Sedan