Family Daycation

It’s summer! Let’s pause a moment to appreciate the best season of the year and all the good drinks to come.  And also these pictures taken in front of our house the other day. Shout out to God for the amazing weather and nine inches of rain the month of May – we don’t know … More Family Daycation

Building Windurance

Me:  “Trevor, see all this dirt and wind? This is baaaaaad news for farmers.” T:  “Well, God can stop the wind with his sword.” Me:  “You’re right, he just has to tell it to stop.  But sometimes, he uses the wind to make us stronger.  He’s here with us, even when it’s windy.” T:  “Yep, … More Building Windurance

April Clouds

Two things I love to watch:  a full moon rise and storm clouds roll in.  When we were in NYC a few months ago, I felt a deep sense of sorrow for all those city people who don’t get to see these things on a regular basis.  Then I pranced into a Starbucks and forgot about … More April Clouds