Fresh List, Vol. V

Did you hear the “alternative facts” situation pertaining to the Inauguration audience?  I overheard this term floating around last week on the morning news. I like to tune it to the Today show or some equivalent for background noise to my short-order cooking, hair-fixing, coffee-making, diaper-changing, fight-breaking, lunch-packing, folder-signing morning duties.  That’s about all the news … More Fresh List, Vol. V

Fresh List, Vol IV

You’re not going to believe it, but one of our favorite words of 2014 was banished from 2015.  According to the recommendations made here, bae was no longer an acceptable term, as of a year ago, which is just now news to me because of my geographical disadvantage.  Along with a full list of other words … More Fresh List, Vol IV

Stay Fresh

What are the cool words to say in 2014? Last night Matt told me that The Roots on the The Tonight Show are so swag. I’m not sure that a white New Mexican farmer is allowed to say swag. Ever. When I was in junior high, cute boys were fine. Then they became hot. Are … More Stay Fresh